Droid debaters aim to settle on the greatest mechanical marvel ‘Star Wars’ has ever seen

Star Wars it might not have become the mighty franchise it is today without those lovable droids. R2D2 and C-3PO introduced us to a galaxy far, far away in A new hope and the pair have gone on to provide a common thread throughout the saga. Beyond those two icons, fans have held many other droids to their hearts across the vast swath of Star Wars media.

We recently got a great new droid friend in Andor‘s B2EMO, but will it make r/StarWars’ list of “coolest droid” of all time?

rogue oneThe hulking but good-natured security droid is a great suggestion, but there’s another of the Knights of the Old Republic games that is absolutely killer:

While we’re on video games, the charming research assistant droid BD-1 from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order he was a good companion

And then there’s the classic IG-88, which made its debut in The Empire Strikes Back and turned heads (and most of the rest of its body) into the mandalorian:

rebelsC1-10P, aka Chopper, is also a great deep cut, with one fan noting that he has the “highest kill count of anyone in Star Wars“:

It may still be early, but some have already latched onto Andorfrom E2EMO:

But for many you can not argue with the classics:

Whoever is in charge of the droid design department at Lucasfilm deserves a raise. One of the highlights of the Disney era has been the wide variety of fun new droid designs (although strangely none of the answers mentioned the lovable BB-8 rolling droid). As we move forward with new shows like Andor, AhsokaY Acolyte we can’t wait to see many new additions to the droid collection to come.

Maybe a new “cooler droid” could be just around the corner…

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