Early ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts’ Reactions Have Faint Praise For A Perfectly Acceptable Blockbuster

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He transformers The franchise is now 16 years old and has experienced some major ups and downs during that time. The series has never been a critical success, but it has almost always been box office gold, and Paramount hopes that Transformers: Rise of Beasts continue that lucrative streak.

We’re still waiting for the Rotten Tomatoes score, but early reactions from those who have seen it are already out. As is typical of this franchise, it appears that rise of beasts It’s goofy fun that delivers what you’d expect in a movie about a robot truck teaming up with a gorilla robot. It also appears to be a substantial improvement over the last mainline entry. the last knightin which not even the chewing presence of Anthony Hopkins could stop it from becoming a deeply confusing and boring blockbuster.

At least it’s not a disaster:

Another positive first impression praises the humor:

Is this finally the movie? transformers the fans have been demanding?

But things are not universally positive:

So, as expected, it seems that rise of beasts it’s great if you’re a transformers fanatic, but perhaps less enjoyable if you didn’t enjoy any previous movies in the series. The real test will be at the box office, where it faces stiff competition. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse she is currently cleaning the house, with The flash arriving next week. Can rise of beasts Remove some space between these monsters?

We will know very soon Transformers: Rise of Beasts hits theaters June 9.

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