Earning Bitcoin by playing Solitaire and Sudoku is possible!

News hardware Earning Bitcoin by playing Solitaire and Sudoku is possible!

In order to develop the adoption of cryptocurrencies on a larger scale, companies in the crypto sector are using all means. Recently, a platform specializing in blockchain games offered its users to play classic licenses such as Solitaire or Sudoku in order to win Bitcoin.

Solitaire or Sudoku players rewarded with Bitcoin

Play-to-earn is a new game concept allowing players to make their playing time profitable with cryptocurrency rewards. Most of these new games do not necessarily have flattering gameplay, and sometimes these games even require technical knowledge to be able to play them.

Nevertheless, a company has found the solution to the problem: reward players of classic games. By playing Sudoku or Solitaire, you can now earn Bitcoin rewards.

The idea was born out of a collaboration between play-to-earn start-up Zebedee and a London mobile game studio, Viker. These two companies have entered into a partnership with the aim of developing the use of cryptocurrencies, and especially Bitcoin, on a much larger scale. To do so, what better than the classic games of the Windows system among others.

In total, the list constitutes three games:

  • Solitaire: single-player card game, as the name suggests
  • Sudoku: grid logic game to complete with 9 numbers
  • Missing Letters: game where players must complete a missing letter in each word

In short, the favorite games of your grandparents with web3 sauce…

Simon Cowell, CEO of Zedebee explains that licenses like Solitaire or Sudoku “have hardly seen any significant innovation for many years”

Thus, with the integration of cryptocurrencies, the company intends to dust off these essential games.

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The democratization of bitcoin-powered play-to-earn

The logic behind this initiative is not selfless, these classic games alone represent billions of users, far ahead of GTA and other Minecraft.

“These games are literally played by billions of people, for hundreds of hours over many years. But so far none of them have been able to earn anything for their time. Why continue like this, when we are now in an era where games can reward you with more than just fun? explains Dan Beasley, co-founder of Viker, in a press release for the Decrypt media.

By developing this kind of experience, the brand is likely to attract many players unfamiliar with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. For this reason, the platform makes every effort to ensure that these new players are not overwhelmed by the use of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, they can collect their due in Bitcoin or Satoshi by simply creating a Zebedee “Gamertag”. Without going through the traditional wallets of the crypto world like Metamask, users can withdraw their funds at any time via a simple button on the Zebedee application. This is particularly possible thanks to the Lightning network, an alternative protocol to the Bitcoin network deemed more efficient and less expensive in terms of fees.

With a fundraising of approximately 34 million euros, the game developer Zebedee continues to innovate to democratize the use of cryptocurrencies in the gaming sector. The platform notably claims a number of 500,000 players earning Bitcoin each month. The web3 company is also backed by major investors, including Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix.

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