Elden Ring: 8 Weapons to Avoid

Elden Ring features a panoply of incredible weapons that are powerful enough to bring a god to his knees. From the greatest intelligence weapons to the greatest arcane weapons, these divine armaments bring the Tarnished closer to sitting on the Elden Throne. However, some weapons in the game fail completely.

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Whether redundant or outright atrocious, these weapons barely make a difference during boss fights. In fact, you’re better off avoiding them altogether and finding better weaponry. With the wide selection of Elden Ring, you won’t be disappointed, unless it’s one of these.


8 bastard stars

This weapon is by no means horrible. In fact, Bastard’s Stars is certainly up there with the most beautifully designed weapons in the game. However, his existence is made redundant by Astel’s Wing. The latter has the same amazing Ash of War, accompanied by a more complete moveset.

Available only after defeating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, Bastard’s stars appear to be carved from the same planetary orbs Astel was made from. It all comes down to whether or not this weapon is worth getting, when you can go and retrieve Astel’s Wing without having to kill an intergalactic being for it.

7 Godfrey’s ax

Although wielded by an undoubtedly challenging boss, Godfrey’s Ax is a Memory weapon to avoid. It’s just one of those weapons that seem so powerful when the boss uses it, but become a mere shadow of themselves when in your hands.

Clearly a Force weapon, Godfrey’s Ax is still painfully slow and cumbersome. You tend to stumble when wielding it, and it takes everything Tarnished is humble to wield. By the time you take a hit, your enemies will have already dealt a killing blow. You’re better off going with Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker Ash of War.

6 snake catcher

It wouldn’t be a FromSoftware game without a witty brawl here or there: Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy boss fight is indeed the trick of all tricks. Similar to the Yhorm the Giant fight in Dark Souls 3, the lowly Tarnished is given a weapon at the entrance of the Rykard boss arena.

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Dubbed the Serpent Hunter, this weapon unleashes a whirlwind of wind blades at the boss, dealing massive damage. But once the fight is over, so is the cataclysmic ability of this weapon. In fact, nothing outstanding happens when it is used in any other fight. As soon as Rykard is defeated, so is the power of the Serpent-Hunter.

5 Torch

Although your first instinct would not be to use a torch as a weapon, the game offers a wide range of torches with different capabilities. The Beast Repelling Torch and Saint Trina’s Torch are among some of the most useful, but you certainly won’t get very far with an average torch as your primary weapon.

The main takeaway from this is that the Tarnished should simply use the torch as it is designed to be used. But still, a flashlight is preferable to a torch when hiking any dark cave.

4 Torch

A spear-type weapon that is widely used by the hooded guards of Castle Stormveil, the Torchpole is a hybrid weapon, combining a torch and a spear. While there are certainly uses for both, Torchpole doesn’t deal the mega damage you’d expect.

As you can guess, the only unique aspect of this weapon is the addition of a torch. You’re better off finding another spear or polearm type weapon and a separate torch.

3 forked ax

A two-pronged weapon called the Forked Axe, this weapon is widely used by imps found in the catacombs. Although it has the ability to deal blood loss damage, it is definitely not the best bleeding weapon in the game. You’d rather end up fighting enemies while using a literal fork.

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The Icerind Hatchet is more powerful than the Forked Hatchet. Other Bleed weapons you can look for are the Rivers of Blood katana or Eleonora’s Poleblade, but the Forked Ax is not a weapon to carry with you until the end of the game.

two Great Heather Shield

One of the items left behind by Elemer of the Briar in The Shaded Castle, the Briar Greatshield is a rusty metal shield wrapped in rose thorns. Despite the great promise it shows with its menacing appearance, the Briar Greatshield doesn’t deliver on performance.

The Briar Greatshield doesn’t do a great job of blocking physical damage compared to other greatshields in the game. At this point, even an average shield stolen from a guard’s corpse is better than this.

1 rickety shield

If the name of this shield hasn’t given you a clue, then its performance definitely will. In the case of this shield, FromSoftware intended it to be a joke. Even its in-game description literally tells you not to even bother equipping it.

As expected, his defensive capabilities are abysmal, and it seems like a gust of wind can blow him to pieces. Therefore, we think it is better to follow FromSoftware’s advice in this regard.

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