Elden Ring: a modder makes a Silent Hill version, perfect to console fans

Game news Elden Ring: a modder makes a Silent Hill version, perfect to console fans

As we know, the creativity of players is overflowing: an affirmation that comes to us from the many insane creations on Minecraft, or from the wacky challenges they impose on Elden Ring. The proof with this new mod.


  • Silent Hill too quiet
  • Elden Ring X Silent Hill

Silent Hill too quiet

silent Hill is one of those games that marked a generation of gamers. Like Golden Sun (which is a very different game, we grant you), it often causes the frustration of having been put aside by its developers while players are only waiting for one thing: to see it again. , through a sequel or remake, on any of their consoles. A bet for the moment gone wrong: Konami does not seem to have anything in preparation concerning its horrific saga, even if certain rumors concerning its return are tough. Two projects would then be in preparation. The first would be a remake of Silent Hill 2, managed by the Poles of Bloober Team (The Medium, Layers of Fear…) while the second would be an original episode in episodic form entrusted to Annapurna Interactive (Stray, among others).

But now, some got tired of waiting and decided to play Silent Hill their way. Today’s story is about a streamer (LilAggy) and a modder (Matt ) who decided to collaborate to release an Elden Ring mod. This modification, unofficial and exclusive to PC gamers, may provide a little creepy vibe to anyone who installs it.

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Before going into the details, it must be recognized that Elden Ring already offers a relevant context: the player embodies a Shinless, a kind of soldier without a medal chosen randomly to recover the pieces of the circle of Elden. Since they were dispersed between certain lords, the whole Entre-Terre is fighting and is nothing more than desolation that the player will cross almost alone. Danger awaits him at every corner of the earth and he must sharpen his combat skills if he does not want to spend his life coming back from the dead.

Elden Ring X Silent Hill

A challenge that is already quite difficult in itself which could therefore be spiced up with a touch of Silent Hill to make the challenge worthy of some: when we know that players manage to finish the game by multiplying the bosses by five, nothing surprises us anymore. The mod, directed by Matt Gruen (@The FifthMatt on Twitter), adds a permanent blizzard wave, removes all UI elements, and randomly spawns monsters that reveal themselves at the last moment:

OK THIS IS ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS EVER I turned Elden Ring into a HORROR GAME by adding the Consecrated Snowfield blizzard effect EVERYWHERE, disabling the HUD and randomizing enemies so that you never know what happens.

An Elden Ring version: “I see almost nothing” which should appeal to players who spice up their evenings of movies or horror games. Just waiting for someone to finish the game blindfolded at this level: something already done on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Like what, you should never say never.

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