Elden Ring: How to Beat Godskin Noble

elden rings Godskin Noble is the bigger, more annoying version of the Godskin Apostle. His speed is disproportionate to his size, and his attacks can cover the entire area of ​​each arena you fight him in.

We will cover every attack that Godskin Noble uses in this elden ring guiding boss, giving you the best chance of taking him down in just a few tries.

How to beat Godskin Noble in elden ring

Like most big bosses in elden ring, the Godskin Noble has two distinct phases. The first introduces most of his attacks, and the second adds a few while keeping the rest. However, Godskin Noble’s second phase prioritizes new attacks over old ones, and dealing with them can be extremely frustrating.

Divine Skin Nobles Phase One Attacks

The first phase of this boss fight is all about spacing out and timing your recoveries. The Noble Godskin, like the Apostle Godskin, is capable of punishing healers with a fast-traveling fireball., and his attacks go much farther than you’d expect. You can parry almost all of his rapier attacks, though the timing is incredibly tight. Equip a shield and get ready to learn by doing.

Attack 1: One-Two Stab on Backstep Swipe

A typical opener for the Godskin Noble, he will take a short stance, then stab you twice. The hitbox for this attack is considerably wider than Godskin Noble’s rapier model, and extends a bit past the tip of the sword, so dodge or block even if it looks like you won’t be hit.

Immediately after the second hit, the Godskin Noble will knock back in front of himso rolling into this attack is likely to hit you.

Attack 2 : charged thrust

The Godskin Noble pulls his rapier arm back in a long motion that lasts about three and a half seconds, then launches forward almost instantly. This attack travels approximately three times the length of the rapier, and if it connects, it will deal half your health in damage and send you flying.

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Avoiding it is easy enough once you know the timing, and every time Godskin Noble starts winding up, you’ll hear the sound of metal grinding against metal or a sword being drawn. That is the beginning of the attack. Tanking the attack with an upgraded shield is easier than avoiding it, as you’ll only lose up to half of your stamina bar. The attack has a long cooldown.giving you time to deal some damage.

Attack 3: Double Hit

Sometimes used as an ender combo, Godskin Noble raises his rapier with the knob down, then slams it down twice, with the second coming after a short delay. Both attacks have a light AoE, so don’t get too close or you’ll get slashed.

Avoiding or blocking this is easy. Just roll back or tank with a shield. You’ll probably want to avoid Godskin Noble’s second hit if you’re blocking, as you could have your guard broken. You can also roll away from the second hit if the first hit connects.

Attack 4: Single Big Slam

The noble skin of god raise arm above head, then knocks him down with a much more powerful blow. The AoE and damage increase with the strength of the attack, but the only real difference is timing. The string is double that of the double hit.and the actual roll preceding impact is about twice as slow.

Attack 5: Fireball

Mainly used as a long range option or as a healing smite, The god-skinned Noble raises his right hand in the air, summons a sigil of black flame, and then launches a powerful fireball at you.. If the thing lands, it will deal a quarter to a third of your health with a couple seconds of lingering damage over time.

Thanks to the recovery from swallowing a Flask of Crimson or Cerulean Tears, if Godskin Noble uses this attack the moment you start to heal, it will almost always hit you. It also uses it if you’re too far away, although dodging it at that point is very, very easy. Note that his aim is pretty good, and there’s a little AoE when he lands the attack.

Attack 6: Wall of Fire

Used as a “get away from me” attack, the Godskin Noble raises his hand in a sigil of black flame, then sends the fire to the ground, creating a wall of black flame immediately around him.. The wall doesn’t deal much damage, but it does cause staggering, and the Godskin Noble will continue to attack from inside the wall. He gets out of the way as soon as you see him start the animation.

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Attack 7: belly punch

The Godskin Noble will throw both hands back as if to do a pelvic thrust and then throw its huge belly to knock you down. The attack deals no damage, but does a lot of staggering. Fortunately, the Godskin Noble rarely follows it up with anything.

attack 8 : arm bar

Another “Get away from me” attack, the Godskin Noble crosses his left hand in front of him, then swings his arm across his forehead., hitting you with the elbow and the forearm. Thankfully, this attack doesn’t do as much damage as his rapier stings, but it does deal a high stun volume, meaning if he follows it up with something, it’s likely to connect. The rope is quite long though, so if you see it coming, back up to avoid the attack.

Attack 9 : Recoil Two Swing

The Godskin Noble swings his rapier in front of him twice in quick succession while taking two short steps back. These two attacks cover a wide arc, but rolling away is totally doable because he’s moving backwards. Blocking also works, like neither swing does much damage to the resistance of a good shield.

attack 10 tail swipe

If you spend too much time behind the Noble Godskin, it is likely to quickly raise its tail and then turn to face you and strike you with the side of its tail. This attack lasts about half a second, but it comes out fast once it starts and will knock you down.. The damage, like the arm, doesn’t match any of the rapier hits, but it doesn’t have much recovery either, so Godskin Noble is likely to follow up with any other attack in his arsenal.

Divine Skin Nobles Phase Two Attacks

The Godskin Noble wraps its arms around itself and rises into the air, engulfed in black flames to start the second phase. He returns to the ground with an explosion that deals more damage than you think and knocks you back.

Attack 1: fast multipunches

With a rope similar to charged lunge, the Godskin Noble unleashes a flurry of rapid stabs that end in a shorter lunge. You can tank all of the attacks, as they’re relatively weak in isolation, but you’ll end up in the Siege of Grace if you get hit by more than a few. Dodge to the side to avoid the attack as it has no effective follow up.

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Attack 2: big belly

The Noble Skin of God begins his normal belly punch animation, but leans further forward to continue charging the attack. He pushes out his belly much faster and with a small explosion, dealing about a quarter of a health bar in damage and sending you flying. He uses this attack as a “get away from me” attack or as a counter attack after you’ve done your own combo. If you see it coming and you’re not in a recovery animation, back up right before it releases all of its energy or block the entire animation.

Attack 3: Oh Lawd He Rollin’

After a standard belly punch, the Godskin Noble jumps onto its side and starts rolling across the sand. There is almost no way to avoid being hit if you are too close to him. There are two ways to avoid it: run clockwise around the Godskin Noble while it spins counterclockwise. You can also dodge forward and to the right to continue rolling clockwise.

The only other way to keep the god-skinned Noble away while you roll is to put a part of the level between you and it, be it a pillar or some other geometric element. The Godskin Noble can roll for up to twenty seconds, but stops when he hits you, so it’s almost better to take the hit than wait.

Attack 4: The biggest and heaviest slam

After another standard belly slam, the Godskin Noble launches into the air and fills the rolls of his fat with…something, then goes down in a massive explosion. You could block it, but the damage will probably get through most shields. Dodge is more reliable, and you’ll want to do it right before it lands. You can fight him as long as the roll is timed correctly.

With this knowledge in hand, you should easily beat elden ringThe boss of Godskin Noble. Check out our guides to beat Mohg, Lord of Bloodand Malenia, Sword of Miquella, as those are some of the best and toughest fights in the game. Our elden ring guide center it has other boss guides and lots of additional valuable information.

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