Elden Ring: It speedruns the game in NG+100 and at max level, the proof in video!

Game News Elden Ring: It speedruns the game in NG+100 and at max level, the proof in video!

Definitely, Elden Ring never ceases to inspire players, who put amazing or very practical mods online every day, and who constantly challenge themselves to completely dominate the title of From Software.

Recently, we talked about several mods of Elden Ring, among which the battle royale between demigods, the one allowing Malenia to test her strength against numerous bossesor this mod that adds 4-player co-op without breaking the game.

An extremely active and creative community

between that and the many records in the different speedrun categories, there is plenty to do as long as you have succumbed to the charms of Elden Ring. There are many videos every day, but one of them particularly caught our attention.

It was published yesterday by Leviathana player who regularly challenges himself on From Software’s games, and announces the color: “Quiet run in New Game +100 (…)”. So Leviathan has finished a 100th time Elden Ring on the highest difficulty level (NG+7)at maximum level, 713all without using any glitch and taking almost no hits from bosses.

From speedrun to max level in less than 1h30? No problem

Attentive readers will have noticed that we are talking about NG+7 for a game in NG+100. Indeed, the new game + allows to redo the game while keeping equipment, emotes, consumables, summons and spells, memories, recipes, flask upgrades or even what has already been discovered on the map.

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But the difficulty, i.e. the level of the enemies and the damage they do, stops progressing in NG+7, which is already a good performance. Thus, from NG+7 to NG+100 the game is not more difficult, but it is still very long. Armed with his two favorite blades, the Draconic Halberd and the Stalking Viper spearLeviathan presents us with a complete run of the game, in 1 hour, 17 minutes and a handful of seconds, at the controls of a warrior who looks like Kratos.

Fun run, a bit sloppy in places but overall I’m happy and there’s lots of fighting. I’m aware that the level stops increasing from NG+7, but NG+100 is still an achievement and showing a full one might be nice, given that I’ve added a lot of little details and shortcuts that the people may not know yet. (…)

Elden Ring Walkthrough, Guide, Tips and Tricks

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