Elden Ring, New Game +: understanding the NG+ system, our guide!

news tip Elden Ring, New Game +: understanding the NG+ system, our guide!

Did you plan to get rid of Elden Ring after finishing it? Welcome to NG+! Today we offer you a guide explaining how this step works, common to all From Software games (and not only) in the context of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is a game you dread to finish, because you don’t want to stop playing it? Good news, there is a “New Game Plus” system in the game, like for previous Souls! So prepare for it now by going to get the best summon of Elden Ring and collecting enough runes to finish the game quietly!

What is New Game Plus?

Common practice in the “Souls” series and video games in general, the system of New Game Plus allows, after finishing the game, to restart it by keeping some things from your previous game. So you will restart the game, but differently.

In the Souls series, you resume your game with your equipment, your objects but also your level! Of course, in return the enemies will be more difficult, but will also give you more runes once defeated!

And apart from that, why redo a game in New Game Plus ? Because you can’t collect all the items in a single game of Elden Ring! Especially compared to Memories System of the game, which will ask you to return one of them to make a choice between 2 items each time. There is a method to double some of them, but not all of them!

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And you should know that this NG+ system does not stop at +. After finishing your NG+, you will be able to access NG++, then NG+++, etc… Each of your “new” games will have more and more difficult enemies, which will give you even more runes.

Here is what will follow you in NG+:

  • Your armors
  • Your weapons
  • your talismans
  • Your emotes
  • Your consumables
  • Your summons and spells
  • Your boss memories (Warning! If you save them for NG+, you can use them only after defeating the boss in question in NG+ ! So might as well use them before)
  • Your cookbooks
  • Your flask upgrades
  • The display of the places visited on your map (you will of course have to unlock the checkpoints again)

And here’s what won’t follow you in NG+:

  • Major boss runes
  • The keys picked up (and therefore what they opened)
  • The bells, pearls… which unlocked items for you to buy
  • Side quests
Elden Ring, New Game +: understanding the NG+ system, our guide!

To do this, you will first need to have killed the final boss. You will of course find more information on this one in our complete Elden Ring guide. Once dead and after seeing the credits of the game, you can choose to continue your game. Do, and go to Round Table Strongholdrest to find a new option there titled Start a new journey. Validate and you will then be in NG+!

Good NG+ to you!

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