Elden Ring player has a cool trick to avoid dungeon trap

An Elden Ring player discovers that using a specific weapon skill allows him to avoid chariot traps found in various hero tombs.

elden ring it is full of traps that can surprise players and often lead to their death. Cleverly hidden enemies will ambush users multiple times throughout their game, but fans can take advantage of messages left behind by others. elden ring players prepare for these traps.

elden ring it’s set in a massive open world, but most of these traps are present in the dungeons and catacombs scattered throughout the map. One of the more annoying traps involves the Chariot type of enemy that can run over players and deal massive damage. Players must be careful and patient when trying to avoid them, but one elden ring The player has shared a new tactic that helps to deal with this trap.


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A user named ArunKT26 shared a clip with a Chariot trap inside a hero’s grave on elden ring, who mentions that they had to retrieve their runes and came up with a clever idea to avoid the trap. The clip begins with ArunKT26 walking on lava as the Chariot races towards them. As soon as the enemy gets close, the player uses the Raptor of the Mists ability to crouch down to avoid their attack. ArunKT26 then successfully uses this tactic multiple times throughout the video.

This strategy seems relatively simple to pull off and offers a great way for players to avoid one of the most annoying traps in the world. elden ring. The Raptor of the Mists ability can be obtained by helping Bloody Finger Hunter Yura in searching for it. Players should note that it is not exclusive to any particular team and can be applied to different types of weapons.

A fan named HeyHellosh claims they have played elden ring for 700 hours, but never considered using Raptor of the Mists to bypass Chariots. Another user mentions that this ability is especially useful for avoiding attacks that are difficult to dodge, but states that it takes longer to recover after performing this move. A player also recommends using elden ring Bloodhound Step to avoid it, but ArunKT26 claims he never used it because it makes the game too easy.

It seems that players don’t like catacombs and similar dungeons in elden ring, as many fans complain of being out of stock. They can get extremely repetitive, especially in the second half of the game, as most users have already explored dozens of similar dungeons by then. Regardless, this video shows that there are ways to avoid even the most infuriating pitfalls in elden ring.

elden ring It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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