Elden Ring: the mystery of the hidden coliseums finally cleared up?

Game News Elden Ring: the mystery of the hidden coliseums finally cleared up?

Elden Ring, even as its final version released on February 25, is full of secrets unseen by mortal eyes. Fortunately, some modders manage to make the game speak and get their hands on probable elements removed by the developers before the title was marketed. Witness the discoveries made by Sekiro Dubi.


  • Elden Ring: coliseums in the game?
  • Elden Ring: the coliseums, future DLC or feature removed from the game?

Elden Ring: coliseums in the game?

Remember: at the beginning of March, we told you about potential additional content coming soon regarding Elden Ring. A supposition based on the observation of the presence of three coliseums closed to the public located in Necrolimbo, Leyndell and Caelid. A PC modder had then tinkered with some tools to see what was hiding beyond the walls. Inside, he discovered a fully modeled area, with decorative elements, but also elevators. A not insignificant observation which could suggest that the developers of From Software had something in mind concerning these species of arenas.

And finally, it was only a few days ago and with the development of a new tool (entitled DSMapStudio) that the mystery of these coliseums was clarified thanks to the Youtubeur Sekiro Dubi (and whose video appears below). He explains that these arenas are vestiges of a past era where gladiators had to prove their power against very powerful opponents: as the video illustrates, we see a fight between a kind of lion and a fighter looking like an executioner .

Elden Ring: the coliseums, future DLC or feature removed from the game?

So what about it? Even today, and despite the efforts made by Sekiro Dubi who provide a lot of information, it is difficult to say. The campfires placed, the work carried out around certain enemies or even special places like the reception desk, which can make you think of a compulsory passage to register before taking part in the event, point somewhat towards a content that was allegedly removed from the game by the developers at From Software.

In this sense, it is not the first time that the community has witnessed such an initiative. We think in particular of a bestiary that has been spotted in the game files, while quests related to the dreams of non-playable characters have also been seen thanks to an earlier version of Elden Ring. Finally, and this is probably the best known: From Software has also removed from the game the Deathbed Smalls, underwear. And the latter cause discord, especially at Elon Musk, because they are used by some players to banish their opponents.

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