Elden Ring Update 1.05: All Secret Changes Not Mentioned in the Patch Notes

elden ring it has been continuously polished through a regular stream of updates. These updates often include bug fixes, weapon balance, and general improvements to the game. The latest FromSoftware update introduced a good number of quality of life fixes which were explained in the developer’s patch notes.

However, some changes were made through the update that were not included in the official notes. In true FromSoftware fashion, the developers chose to keep a few things under wraps that players could only discover by continuing to play. elden ring after update.


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Meteor Crash after defeating Radahn

The update’s biggest and most useful story-based change involves the cinematic that plays after the player defeats Starscourge Radahn. As his name implies, Radahn has been keeping the stars and the cosmos at bay, and after the player defeats him, the stars start moving again along with a meteor crashing into the Midlands. This meteor creates a giant hole in the ground which Ranni’s partner Blaidd instructs the player to enter.

The hole created by the meteor allows the player to access an area known as Nokron, Eternal City. Although this area is entirely optional, it is a unique and interesting subterranean landscape that is required to complete Ranni’s questline, which is why Blaidd begs the player to continue on to the city.

The problem with this mission is that, prior to the update, players weren’t told exactly where the meteor crashed. The general direction for travel is implied by viewing the scene, but it is quite possible to miss this important event. Even if the players followed the direction of the crash, some exploration is needed to discover the entrance to Nokron.

elden ringThe latest update fixed this issue by creating a map marker for the crash site after players defeated Radahn. the map in elden ring it has received a few updates since its release because it started with the bare minimum, but the developers soon discovered that certain markers are necessary and greatly benefit the flow of the game. Creating a map marker for the entrance to Nokron will cause less frustration and help players smoothly continue Ranni’s quest line.

Golden Runes

The leveling system in Soulsborne games has always required a type of currency that can be earned by defeating enemies and using items, but can also be lost if the player dies before being able to reach their previous kill point. elden ringThe version of this product came in the form of runes. Golden runes are usable items with a variety of different values ​​that players can use to immediately gain a number of runes.

Before the most recent update, players didn’t know exactly how many runes they would get when using a specific Golden Rune. This came as no surprise to Soulsborne veterans who are used to item descriptions only providing vague amounts like “a lot” or “a lot.” However, it’s frustrating for players to have to guess how many gold runes they need to use before they can buy an item or upgrade levels.

FromSoftware has finally addressed player concerns with Golden Runes by now including the exact number of runes earned from each different Golden Rune. Instead of stating that it provides players with an unspecified number of runes, the item’s description now states an exact number. The developers probably withheld the exact number of runes to provide more mystery and challenge, but even in previous games, it’s always been more of a chore or slight inconvenience.

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The road that led to Jarburg

Jarburg is an easy-to-miss optional area that features some unique characters. A lots of elden ring Fans are familiar with Iron Fist Alexander, the giant jar character who often needs the player’s help, but there are other sentient and friendly jars that reside in an area just east of Liurnia of the Lakes.

The Jar-Bairn side quest can be started in Jarburg, but players will find that it is not an easily accessible location. The best way to get into Jarburg is by jumping off a cliff near Carian Study Hall, near the second encounter with Alexander, and descending the cliff until you reach the small town.

The original map of elden ring it featured a path from the main road that led directly to Jarburg. However, if players tried to take this path, they would find that the path does not actually exist. Update 1.05 fixed this bug with the map and now removed the non-existing path to Jarburg.

FromSoftware fans love to theorize about the hidden meanings of each game, as the developers love to hide secret paths and hide information. Many tried to dissect what the path that did not exist meant or what it could imply for elden ring potential downloadable content. In this case, however, it appears that the path was just a bug on the map, possibly due to an earlier version of the game actually having a path leading to Jarburg.

The benefit of secret changes

elden ring it’s FromSoftware’s most ambitious game yet, and yet it’s also one of its most accessible and has piqued the interest of people who’ve never played a Soulsborne game before. For that reason, it is important that FromSoftware continue to bring quality of life changes to elden ringensuring that the broader audience you are trying to elden ring is able to venture into the expansive open world without too much frustration.

Patch notes detailing the changes that come with an update are important because they divulge to the player exactly what bugs are fixed or features are adjusted, but adding secret quality of life changes can be just as important because they can provide small, a Sometimes hard to notice changes that can make a game experience smoother. The subtle addition of map markers or details in item descriptions removes the frustration that could come from the unknown, and instead allows players to focus solely on elden ringChallenging enemies and bosses.

elden ring It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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