Enchantments of the Golden Order in the Elden Ring: what they are and where to find them

The Golden Order Charms are the charms associated with the Golden Order fundamentalists who study the laws of nature established by the Elden Ring. They are also often used by hunters of “those who live in death”, such as D, who seek to give the undead a permanent death. These enchantments are mechanically noted for their dual stat requirements. Almost all of them require equal amounts of Faith and Intelligence, except for Laws, which require only Intelligence.

As with other enchantment categories, you can increase the damage dealt by Golden Order enchantments with a specialized sigil: the Sigil of the Golden Order. Also, using Goldmask’s Radiant Gold Mask gives them a smaller, but still significant damage boost.

All enchantments of the Golden Order

  • Healing order: Contrary to its name, this does not actually cure in the traditional sense. Instead, it removes the deadly plague buildup on its caster. While this is helpful at times, those times are few and far between, making this enchantment very situational. You can find Order Healing on a scarab on the upper level of the Siofra Aqueduct, southwest of the cliffs that overlook the aqueduct. Requires 11 Intelligence and 11 Faith.
  • Light disk: This fires a ring of light in front of the caster that returns after a delay, dealing holy damage and passing through targets. Trading the versatility of other quickcast options for high damage efficiency, this enchantment is best used against large, slow targets. You can buy Discus of Light from brother Corhyn once he moves to Goldmask in Altus Plateau. Requires 13 Intelligence and 13 Faith.
  • Sword of the Order: This adds holy damage to the caster’s right hand weaponry. In addition to the damage increase, this also prevents undead enemies from respawning. You can buy Order’s Blade from D in Roundtable Hold, or from Twin Maiden Husks after turning in D’s bell. Requires 13 Intelligence and 13 Faith.
  • Litany of own death: This deals holy damage in a large circle on the ground centered on the caster. The main use for this is to clear groups of skeletons quickly, and since the damage value is pretty small, that’s about it. You can buy Litany of Death proper from D in the round table hold, or from Twin Maiden Husks after turning in D’s bell. Requires 17 Intelligence and 17 Faith.
  • Immutable Shield: This enchants the caster’s shield, giving it resistance to stacking ailments. The slow cast speed makes it difficult to upgrade during combat, but can be useful when it comes to blood loss stacking in PvP in particular. You can buy Immutable Shield from Brother Corhyn once he moves to Leyndell. Requires 19 Intelligence and 19 Faith.
  • Triple Rings of Light: This is a Discus of Light variation that fires three rings of light in a cone in front of the caster. Like Discus of Light, this deals high damage, especially against large targets that can be hit with multiple rings. You can find Triple Rings of Light in a chest under the Prayer Hall’s Site of Grace near the Haligtree. 23 23
  • Law of causality: This creates a ring of light around the caster that will deal damage to enemies that hit the caster at least five times. This is most useful for characters that only block partial damage, such as with a two-handed weapon. Since some chip damage goes through the block, retaliation damage will trigger after taking minimal damage. You can receive Gideon’s Law of Causality in the Roundtable Hold after defeating Mohg, Lord of Blood. Requires 29 Intelligence.
  • Radagon’s Rings of Light: This fires a large ring of light in front of the caster, dealing holy damage. Although the good damage and large area of ​​effect make this spell useful against groups, it is sometimes difficult to use due to its slow casting speed. You can learn Radagon’s Rings of Light after turning in the Golden Order Principia. Requires 31 Intelligence and 31 Faith.
  • Law of regression: This removes caster debuffs, while also removing buffs from nearby enemies, making it incredibly valuable against many enemies in PvP. It also dispels illusions in the Lands Between, which could help unravel some of the world’s most surprising (spoiler) secrets. You can learn the Law of Regression after turning in the Principia of the Golden Order. Requires 31 Intelligence.
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