Even after 120 hours, I still can’t get enough of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Every hour I sleep, I irresponsibly sacrifice myself for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and remember the opening screen of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I remember a prominent warning politely advising players to consider drinking water and maybe even touching some grass between play sessions, and at the time I thought it was a fun little joke. Who would really need such a reminder?

I played Monster Hunter Rise on Switch, but jumped to PC SSD bliss for the new Sunbreak expansion, and since starting my new save file on June 30, I’ve played it for over 120 hours. Let me be clear: this is not normal for me. I play a lot, but usually not that much for that long. I don’t think I played that much Elden Ring in the week I stopped working. specifically to play Elden Ring, and this is after playing base Rise for over 100 hours last year. Sunbreak is the most fascinating gaming experience I’ve had this year and I think it’s the best version of Monster Hunter so far.

one more hunt

Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn

(Image credit: Capcom)

Somehow I’m more motivated than ever to keep playing Sunbreak. That’s partly because I’m still unlocking new stuff, and I don’t mean just weapons and armor, but I’m looking at upgraded elemental spears like kids pressed against store windows at Christmas. Elemental weapons are generally good in this game, so there is a greater variety of things to craft and collect. I’m currently working towards master rank 50, which I’m sure will unlock another Elder Dragon or certainly a raging subspecies, and rank 100 beyond that. I also have a huge list of side quests to finish, and completing them as efficiently as possible is my version of tidying up a room in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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