Even the Samsung Odyssey G5 trembles in front of this 27-inch LG gaming monitor

News good plan Even the Samsung Odyssey G5 trembles in front of this 27-inch LG gaming monitor

In terms of PC screens, we thought Samsung’s Odyssey range far ahead of the competition, but it is clear that some are not lagging behind. This is the case of LG with its famous 27-inch UltraGear PC screen which has just lost €100.

The 27-inch LG UltraGear 1ms PC Gaming screen is €349 on Fnac

We repeat it to you again of course, but the LG UltraGear really has nothing to envy to a G5 from Samsung: it even exceeds the latter on certain points.

Buy the LG UltraGear 27GP850-B gaming monitor for €349 on Fnac

This 27-inch diagonal screen supports AMD’s FreeSync Premium technology and is therefore G-Sync compatible.

We are counting on a Nano Ips panel, in QHD resolution (1920 x 1080p) also compatible with HDR10 and which has a refresh rate of 165 Hz as well as a response rate of 1 ms.

Unless you’re an expert in the field, you probably don’t understand all of this gibberish. But don’t panic, we are going to detail the main characteristics of this gamer screen right away, with more appropriate terms.

The 27-inch LG UltraGear is designed to make us experience the best of gaming

When you want to buy a PC gaming screen, you have to look first at the response time of the screen as well as its refresh rate.

In short, the response time is the time that the screen will take to translate the instruction sent by the mouse or the keyboard to the image. More clearly: it is its reactivity.

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The lower the response time, the more responsive the screen. For gaming, we generally encounter screens with a response time of 1 ms.

There are also monitors on the market with 0.5 ms which are just as good but, honestly, there is still little chance that you will notice the difference between 1 ms and 0.5 ms.

Then you will have to look at the refresh rate which actually refers to the speed at which your image will refresh. The higher this rate, expressed in Hertz, the more fluid you will have on the screen.

We will generally look for a screen with at least 144 Hz if we are demanding, and this is what Samsung offers with its Odyssey G5. But the LG UltraGear offers 165 Hz, overclockable to 180 Hz. Suffice to say that you will hardly find more fluid in terms of PC gamer screen.

And if we want to push things a little further, FreeSync compatibility will allow your screen to harmonize with your almost perfect graphics card since this technology corrects the problems of image tearing and jerks.

Initially sold at €449, this screen is now at €349 on Fnac, and given the performance described above, it’s an excellent price.

Buy the LG UltraGear 27GP850-B gaming monitor for €349 on Fnac

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