‘Event Horizon’ Director Suggests a Snyder Cut Scenario to Restore Infamous Lost Footage

via Paramount

Cult classic sci-fi horror event horizon has recently returned to the headlines after celebrating its 25th anniversary, and Paul WS Anderson’s box office bomb is arguably more popular after a quarter-century than ever.

The filmmaker’s original cut left Paramount studio brass horrified at the twisted body horror they had just witnessed, with the theatrical release markedly different from what Anderson had in mind for existential horror. After being ignored by paying backers and falling short of recouping the $60 million budget, event horizon it became something of a phenomenon on home video.

There has been much talk over the years about a possible director’s cut that would restore the deleted footage, but Anderson has admitted on more than one occasion that the missing scenes were misplaced, lost, or destroyed. And yet the demonic resident The architect hinted during a conversation with Entertainment Weekly that a Snyder Cut set would be a method of bringing his original vision of event horizon to the masses.

“The problem with the deleted material is that we were just before the DVD revolution when event horizon was released. We were going to go out on VHS in auxiliary. And on VHS there was no room for all these deleted scenes, there was no reason for the studio to keep it. Now, if we had made the movie a couple of years later, they would have been in all the deleted scenes. But when the DVD came out, and the movie’s audience began demanding special editions, not much of that material had been archived. So it’s just not there. I think to really reinstate what the old cut was, you’d probably have to do what they did with the Snyder Cut, where you have to go and shoot some material again.”

via Paramount

Internet campaigns rarely yield tangible results, but they helped raise awareness of Zack Snyder’s opinion. League of Justice importantly, so maybe the event horizon fandom can try something similar with #ReleaseTheAndersonCut.

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