Every Cat Pokémon in the series, ranked from best to worst

Cat Pokémon have been in the series since it began on February 27, 1996, and many varieties have appeared in games since then. We have included all the Pokémon with feline characteristics and we will rank them from best to worst. We’ll rate them on cuteness and ease in battle (but mostly cuteness, to be completely honest with you).

The best: Shinx

Screenshot via the official Pokémon channel on YouTube

Shinx is one of the first Pokemon you’ll discover in Gen 4 (Pokémon Diamond and Pearl). He’s absolutely adorable with his black and blue fur, playful eyes, and yellow star-studded tail. It’s also useful early in the game, providing electric attacks and paralysis moves against your enemies. Shinx also has a great ability called Guts. This little guy’s Attack is increased by 50% while he has a status ailment like Poison, Paralysis, or Burn. While Shinx is super cute, some of the fairy types are even better.


Screenshot via the official Pokémon channel on YouTube

Meowth is the cat that started it all. He is a popular character on the animated show, providing comic relief alongside Jessie and James. The Pokémon itself can be quite cute with others of its kind and humans. “He loves to collect shiny things,” says the Pokédex in Pokémon Sword & Shield. “If he’s in a good mood, he might even let his Trainer take a look at his treasure.”


Screenshot via the official Pokémon channel on YouTube

As soon as the starter Pokemon for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet were revealed, my direct attention turned to Sprigatito. It’s an adorable grass-type Pokémon that stands just over an inch tall and weighs nine pounds, according to the Pokémon Database. He has an encouraging smile and looks very happy to be around his friends and his coach. We think it’s one of the cutest Pokémon out there and it hasn’t come out yet. We can’t wait to train him this November.


Screenshot via the official Pokémon channel on YouTube

For a long time, I thought Raikou was a dog, but upon closer inspection, he certainly has a cat-like appearance. This legendary Pokémon moves at the speed of sound like in Pokémon Gold and Silver, it escaped from the battle to another city in an instant on the map. It has magnificent electrical powers and a high rate of speed among its attributes. It has cool pointed whiskers, a cute blue lightning bolt tail, and sharp cat-like claws.


Screenshot via the official Pokémon channel on YouTube

One of the many Eeveelutions that actually looks like a cat, Espeon is a psychic type that has a two-pronged tail. In fact, the tips of the tail help it predict the opponent’s next move, according to the Pokédex in Pokémon Crystal. We just want to pet his adorable purple fur.

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Render via Pokemon Database

Shinx’s first evolution, Luxio, is still adorable but he looks a bit angrier than before. He is starting to grow a mane, and although he always looks upset, he has a cute red nose. Luxio also helps greatly in battle with his Rivalry ability, which buffs his damage against the same gender. This makes it better than most other electric types.


Screenshot via Super Smash Bros. YouTube

Incineroar is arguably the strongest cat in the Pokémon universe, as it lays down the punch in the ring. He even appeared in the cross-platform fighter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He is nothing to behold, but he makes up for it with strong attack and defense stats. He is also cool how he poses after every attack in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Render via Pokemon Database

Speaking of powerful Pokémon, Solgaleo is a ferocious cat in any arena. Evolved from Cosmog, this Psychic/Steel-type emits an energetic light that “radiates without limit,” according to the Pokédex in Pokémon Shield. Solgaleo’s lion form just shows off his mighty strength and ferocity. There’s hardly any cuteness as he seems angry all the time, but he’s certainly powerful.


Render via Pokemon Database

Luxray is the evolution of Luxio, and he looks even angrier than before. His eyes tell a tragic story as they are devoid of positivity. His hair reflects the electrical energy stored within him as he powers up like Goku’s super saiyan form in Dragon Ball Z. He also has the Rivalry ability, just like Luxio, so he’ll be even more effective in battle.


Screenshot via the official Pokémon channel on YouTube

Another electric cat, Zeraora, was the last Pokémon to appear in the Pokédex in Ultra Sun and Moon. He stands on two feet and has a cool superhero design with his patterned fur. We also like the blue lighting whiskers on the face. It also sounds gritty and surprisingly dark for a series like this; according to the Pokédex in Ultra Sun, it “electrifies its claws and tears opponents apart with them”. Dammit!


Screenshot via the official Pokémon channel on YouTube

This party cat is the evolved form of the starter Litten that is available in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Acting as the predecessor to the mighty Incineroar, he offers an ability called Blaze, which improves his fire damage by 50% when he’s low on health. It also has a small bell around its neck, creating a necklace-like appearance.

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Screenshot via the official Pokémon channel on YouTube

While its pupils are a strange mix of black and red, Litten makes for an absolutely adorable starter Pokémon. After being defeated by Torracat, he adorably licks his master’s face, letting her know that he is alright. This feline eventually evolves into Incineroar, one of the strongest Pokémon in the Alola region.


Render via Pokemon Database

While not as iconic as his previous form, Meowth, Persian is fondly remembered as Giovanni’s primary mascot on Team Rocket. While it is effective in battle with a strong Speed ​​stat, the Pokémon is known as a bad pet, as it is mean to its owner. “It is difficult to raise as a pet due to its fickle meanness,” says the Red & Blue Pokédex. Gold also says that “it will attack and scratch for a little reason.”


Render via Pokemon Database

With a sweet smile and sparkling eyes, Delcatty is a wonderful cat companion to have at your party. He also has a cool ability called Wonder Skin, which halves the accuracy of status moves by default.


Render via Pokemon Database

Standing on one foot, this little puffball is absolutely endearing until you realize how tragic the life he lives is. It maintains the same blank and somewhat creepy look as it contains psychic power within it. Despite this sad pocket monster element, it is useful in battle as it has the Own Tempo ability, making Espurr immune to confusion.


Renders via the Pokemon Database

Meowstic is what happens when the once kind Espurr lets go of his power. He is a powerful psychic user who, according to the Pokémon X Pokédex, “when in danger, [..] it raises its ears and unleashes enough psychic power to turn a 10-ton truck to dust.” Both the male and female versions have different colored fur.


Render via Pokemon Database

Purrloin is such a cute Pokémon that it gets away with it just because of its looks. It is relatively low in all of its stats, making it one of the weakest cat Pokémon in the series. The purrloins are also pretty bad. “Their cute act is a ruse,” says the Pokédex in Pokémon Black & White 2. “They trick people into stealing their valuables just to see the look on their faces.”


Render via Pokemon Database

Liepard is the evolved form of Purrloin and is more stealthy than its predecessor. He is still relatively low in all of his stats, but his biggest advantage is his high speed in battle. He has long yellow whiskers and strange triangles on his fur.

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Render via Pokemon Database

Weighing in at almost nine pounds, this cat has an amazing tail that bobs over the top of its head. He has a strange face with a pair of almost sinister eyes that stare back at you. If you’re worried about accuracy, Glameow has the Keen Eye ability, which makes moves that reduce his accuracy null and void.


Screenshot via the official Pokémon channel on YouTube

Skitty is a Gen 3 Pokémon that has been present in 20 versions of the series since its debut. This little feline is established as being a bit clumsy within multiple Pokédex entries, as it is easily distracted by objects and giddy with excitement. The cat’s overall shape looks unnatural, and the pins sticking out of the tail are hideous, putting it lower on the list.


Render via Pokemon Database

This is the part of the list where cat Pokémon get worse. This evolved form of Glameow is always giving his enemies nasty looks, and his whiskers are obnoxiously large. Despite its large size, its speed is surprisingly high. It can also be useful in battle against Fire and Ice types, as its Thick Fat ability reduces the damage of its attacks by 50%.


Render via Pokemon Database

Perrserker is a unique evolution of the Galarian version of Meowth, and it looks like he’s trying to recover from a hangover. It’s droopy orange eyes you wouldn’t want to see in an alley and a beard that desperately needs a shave. However, he has high strength and defense rates, so he can be an advantage in battle.


Render via Pokemon Database

While doing research for this article, I thought that Pyroar was not a real Pokémon. She has strangely drawn mare hair that looks like something out of a wig shop, and the face looks structured like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. The female version doesn’t fare much better as it has a long trail of hair behind it like a flame. However, it is very loyal to its pack, and despite its strange appearance, it can emit fiery breath that exceeds 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Pokémon Y Pokédex.

The worst: Litleo

Render via Pokemon Database

Litleo will be in my nightmares tonight. That blank look in his eyes seems insane as he lunges at his prey. Everything else is cute, like the little red mohawk and his paws, but those eyes will keep me up at night. On the other hand, he has a great effect called Moxie, which increases his attack stat with every opponent knocked out.

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