Everything in 90 Days could save the DCEU, not doom it: here’s why

Early August has been… hard for fans of DC movies. After the merger of Warner Bros. Discovery caused the cancellation of the almost finished Bat girl and the removal of already released shows and movies from HBO Max, the world eagerly waited to find out what this new corporate overlord had planned for the DC Extended Universe.

On Thursday, the fate of the service was revealed at an earnings call where Warner Discovery detailed its plan for the future, a plan that focused on iconic franchises like Superman, game of ThronesBatman, and… “The 90 day fiancé Universe.”

the memes were immediate Y brutal, but maybe CEO David Zaslav is right. A closer look at some of Discovery’s biggest success stories could reveal how this unlikely strategy could be what finally gets the DCEU back on track.

First, we must establish that 90 day fiancé is a franchise that already rivals the DCEU. The reality show focuses on couples separated by distance who move to the US together under the K-1 visa, which allows non-US fiancees to enter the country for 90 days to get married. With a built-in clock, it’s the perfect recipe for drama.

But only 90 day fiancé It wasn’t enough for the fans. Like all good franchises, there had to be sequels and prequels. Just like that, TLC gave the green light 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, which followed the couples through their married life after appearing on the main show. There’s also All in 90 Days: Before 90 Days, which followed couples deciding whether or not to get married. (Often, couples who survived Before 90 days would graduate from 90 day fiancé.)

But even that was not enough. When Discovery claims 90 day fiancé It’s a universe, it’s not a joke. There are now countless spin-offs, including 90 Day Fiancé: To the Other Side (where the American fiancé moves to another country), 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life (following people whose relationship didn’t work out), and even Day 90: gastronomic call, a cooking show where couples cook food from the immigrant spouse’s country of origin. Oh yes, and there is also pillow talkwhere the previous couples comment on the current season of whatever spin-off is airing.

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But what does this have to do with Batman and Superman? All of these spin-offs cement that this reality franchise has been structured as a cinematic universe. Much like a team of superheroes, these “characters” are presented as a group where interest is gauged to see who will move on to a spin-off, either on an existing show or under their own brand.

As DC struggled to catch up with Marvel, the 90 day fiancé cinematic universe quietly in the lead.

The term “90 day fiancé Universe” isn’t new, as seen in this 2021 ad for Discovery+ Phillipines.

It’s hard to compare a superhero franchise to a reality franchise, but there’s a clear audience for the two, even if there isn’t much overlap. the 90 day fiancé fandom is a fandom like any other, with merchandising, speech and fanart. Despite the wide variety of formats, the brand continues to attract viewers. Why can’t the DCEU follow the same model and offer us more joint projects?

Bat girl was supposedly canceled after poor test screenings, but what if they featured it in a bigger blockbuster and after became the big hit? Even if he’s not the biggest star, he could have gotten a modest mid-budget of his own.

If Discovery already owned the DCEU, we’d probably be seeing our 10th Justice League movie by now. Instead, we’re still debating which director made the least bad version of the original.

the 90 day fiancé Universe is now streaming on Discovery+.

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