Everything We Know About Dunkey’s New Indie Game Publisher Bigmode

Dunkey said no more “weak games”, only good ones from now on. Enter Bigmode, the independent publisher he and his wife Leah are founding. Videogamedunkey (also known as Dunkey or Jason), a popular YouTuber known for his comedic gaming videos and insightful video essays, is also known to hate turn-based RPGs and anime games like xenoblade chronicles 3. But now he’s bringing his expertise to game publishing. Reactions are predictable everywhere.

Dunkey used to make videos exclusively about League of Legends, which he has been openly hating ever since he left him behind to go on his own. His balance of analysis and comedy is greatly enjoyed by his fan base, cementing his reputation as a trusted game reviewer.

He’s spent over a decade highlighting games and topics he thinks are worth talking about. However, skeptics wonder if that’s enough to succeed as a game publisher. So what do we even know about Bigmode?

What happened – Dunkey announced Bigmode on Wednesday night with a YouTube video on his channel. It starts with him reminiscing about his and Leah’s last PAX experience and how happy he was to experience the upcoming games in person. He then relates it to his qualifications and aspirations with Bigmode.

“I’ve been on YouTube for 11 years and one of the central themes of my channel has always been tossing soulless cash in the trash and lifting up and praising truly inspired artwork from this medium,” Dunkey. he said in the video of him. “I’ve always looked for the best indie games and tried to do them justice, putting millions of eyes on games that really deserve attention.”

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These games include neon white, light blue, hell, cup head, and many other indies that gaming publications have also endorsed. However, it’s true that Dunkey’s videos for these indies and their annual recaps bring millions of viewers to the table. These games are certified hits that Dunkey has taken the time to review on his channel and therefore highlight.

It would be a lot easier to support the Bigmode logo if it wasn’t the size of a Gamefaqs avatar. However, the frog mascot is cute.big mode

Dunkey bills Bigmode as a publisher that supports indie games that are “really worth playing.” If you’re a huge fan of Dunkey, you can look forward to a curated catalog of indies bearing his stamp of approval. If not, it’s probably best to wait until person 6 like the rest of us wewebs.

What the fans think – His fans are very supportive of the new company, congratulating him on the launch. These aren’t just yes-men either. A variety of fans, from actual professionals to veteran viewers, have voiced their support for the content creator turned businessman.

“I appreciate anyone who puts time, dedication and resources into the future and betterment of the industry,” said a Dunkey fan on his channel. “As a game developer, thank you Dunkey for using your platform in this way.”

Co-worker YouTuber skill he also had a positive view of the ad. “If Dunkey’s indie label results in just one indie game that otherwise wouldn’t have been released, then it’s a success,” he said. “I support any content creator who wants to use their resources and reach to help grow the independent scene, so I wish them good luck and good luck.”

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“He didn’t have the best tone or talking points in that ad, but the bottom line is that he’s passionate and wants to help the indie scene, and I think that’s the most important thing.”

Here come the critics – Skeptics’ talking points range from “Dunkey isn’t qualified to do this” to “video game publishing is a complex business that doesn’t always go as planned.” It boils down to viewers’ opinions about Dunkey Ratings to how fickle the field already is.

“lol dunkey starting a publisher with the spirit ‘i’ve played so many games i know what makes them good and bad so i’ll only publish the good ones’ about to learn a few things the hard way.” an independent game developer he wrote on Twitter.

Many other reactions seem to partially support the idea, but encourage people to invest with a healthy dose of skepticism. “Listen, I’ll support anyone who wants to publish and throw money at indie games.” said developer Rami Ismail“But indies, if you’re going to take a deal with someone whose editorial ratings are ‘I played a lot of games,’ make sure your initial is more than 130% of a comfortable, well-paid budget.”

Bigmode’s website is now live with instructions on how to contact Dunkey and Leah with pitches and resumes. Both have already taken the time to thank fans for the overwhelming support for their announcement.

Dunkey also had this to say at the end of Bigmode’s announcement video:

“We are not aiming for the bronze medals, we are going for the gold. So if you are going to work, contact me at Bigmooode.”

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