Everything we know about ‘Zenless Zone Zero’, the modern fantasy of HoYoverse

Like zen zen zen a tongue twister was not enough. Ground zero without zen It seemingly came out of the blue when developer HoYoverse released the game’s teaser website without any official announcement. It is something different from the already existing gacha games from the company and its cousin. Honkai star rail. Expect real-time combat in an urban fantasy city and a style that falls somewhere in between. Person Y Scarlet Nexus. This is what we know so far about Ground zero without zen.

What is Ground zero without zen?

Ground zero without zen is an action role-playing game from the makers of Honkai Impact, Genshin ImpactY Honkai star rail. Previously it was believed that he was a anime inspired shooter, But that is not the case. Instead, it focuses on real-time combat as in Honkai Impact Y Genshin Impact. Roguelike gameplay also takes the stage in the game’s main dungeons: the Hollows.

Some of the main faces of the game.HoYoverse

Is there a release date for Ground zero without zen?

Ground zero without zen It has no release date. There are also no details on when to expect it. HoYoverse just launched the game’s website and social account last month. In short, we shouldn’t expect a release anytime soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Is there a trailer for Ground zero without zen?

Yes there are! HoYoverse released the first trailer in early May along with an updated website and beta announcement. It also released a combat trailer during Summer Game Fest.

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First Ground zero without zen The trailer takes the viewer on a publicity-packed tour of its main stage, New Eridu. It showcases the futuristic world and characters, wielding unique weapons, from guns to hammers. It is evident that factions of some kind will clash during the story. Who will be by your side as you face the monsters of this world? That is still an unanswered question.

The second trailer introduces a character named Soldier 11, a member of the city’s Defense Forces. She fluidly cuts through robotic enemies and shows off her acrobatic prowess in the video. Also, she can apparently turn on her sword at will. Other characters who didn’t get as much love in the first trailer, like Von Lycaon, can also show off her moves in all her high-octane glory.

what is the story of Ground zero without zen?

Expect some stylish shots.HoYoverse

Ground zero without zen takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Most of humanity has been wiped out by a disaster known as the “Holds,” which create monster-filled dimensions called Ethreal out of thin air. New Eridu was the last city to survive the apocalypse, in part because it invented technology capable of extracting resources from Hollows.

So New Eridu became a sanctuary for the survivors of the world. He then lured more people in with a program that allowed them to venture into Hollows for their own purposes. Unfortunately, the monetization of the Hollows also caused political tension between the existing factions in the city. However, that is not the approach from the beginning.

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Your role is that of “Proxy”, a guide in charge of guiding clients through the Hollows. Everyone has a different reason for venturing into such a dangerous place, something you learn as part of the job. It is up to the player to traverse these dungeons safely and learn more about the fate of New Eridu in the process.

What are the holes? Ground zero without zen?

As mentioned above, voids are dangerous dimensions that you should only venture into with the right gear. They are the main dungeons of Ground zero without zen. Hollows work like roguelikes, where teams of three get resources from the changing maps. Players enter Hollows using commissions and select “TV screens” with specific rewards based on what you want. That’s where most of the combat takes place.

Who are the Ground zero without zen characters?

Many content creators, such as Hanabi Network, have preview videos of ZZZ characters.

A lots of Ground zero without zen Beta testers have already unlocked all available characters in the “Fit Test”. We do not have the complete list, and only some of them appear on the official website. However, these are the characters that players have encountered so far. We have also included factions where applicable.

  • Anby Demara (Gentle House AKA Cunning Hares) – ZZZ’s poster girl
  • Nekomiya Mana (Gentle House AKA Cunning Hares) – Kitten Girl
  • Billy Kid (Gentle House aka Cunning Hares) – Masked Dual Gun Carrier
  • Nicole Demara (Gentle House AKA Cunning Hares) – Pink-haired girl with cannon
  • Von Lycaon (Victoria Housekeeping Co.) – Wolf’s Battle Butler
  • Corin Wickes (Victoria Housekeeping Co.) – Shy maid with scythe
  • Soldier 11 (Faction Unknown) – Girl with glasses appears in the combat trailer
  • Miyabi (special slot) – Fox-eared katana wielder
  • Aokaku (Hollow Special) – Blue-skinned oni girl with ax
  • Ben (Belobog Industries) – Werebear with a scar over his eye
  • Anton (Belobog Industries) – Spiky-haired man with giant drill
  • Koleda (Belobog Industries) – Red-haired girl with dual hammers
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We’ll be sure to update this section with more information as it comes out.

It is Ground zero without zen a gacha game?

HoYoverse has not revealed exactly how it plans to monetize Ground zero without zen. If it’s something like Genshin either Hong Kong, it will give you free characters that you can use to continue in the story, but some characters will be locked behind banner scrolls. You won’t need to spend if you don’t want to, but expect the temptation of new and interesting characters.

There is some gacha related to character boosts that you can get from a local store in New Eridu. However, the first closed beta test does not push the player to “spend” and it is easy to find the currency used to get the power-ups.

Can I still sign up for the Ground zero without zen beta?

Yes! Ground zero without zen beta registrations started on May 13, 2022. You can still register from the official website. Please note that the beta version will be available only for PC and iOS mobile devices.

Many players have already received their beta test notifications, so you may not be able to log in, but you can still try. The beta itself started on August 5, 2022 and does not yet have an end date. We recommend following the official Ground zero without zen social media for an end date announcement date once available.

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