Evil Dead: The Game – How To Be A Mastered Hunter

The Hunter class has two purposes in Evil Dead: The Game. Not only are they highly skilled with ranged weapons, but they can also easily spot useful items while exploring the map. If the rest of the team can keep the pressure off of a Chaser, they can methodically remove Deadites from a comparatively safe distance.


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A hunting player must have excellent aim and be able to manage their ammunition: a legendary weapon is useless if it misses or has no bullets to fire!

Updated June 23, 2022: We’ve updated this guide to include a video that shows you how to level up your Hunter in Evil Dead: The Game.

hunter strategy

Hunter Survivors are more different from each other than other classes, so your choice of which Hunter to play will be drastically impact your style of play. Ash excels at mid-range and eventually gains the ability to start the match with a double-barreled shotgun, while Amanda always starts with a pistol and really knows how to use it.

Ed is a more defensive option, able to detect traps set by the Demon, but you can ignore his mastery of the crossbow unless you find one that is epic or legendary.

Kelly is a bit of an odd duck as she focuses more on close combat – equip her with a shotgun and level up the Hollow Points skill correctly away for best results with it.

Be thorough when exploring buildings as a hunter – if you miss something, chances are your teammates won’t find it either. Try to stock up on ammo each type of ranged weapon, even if you are not currently using it. This allows you to easily switch if you find a better weapon, or to drop ammo in the middle of the fight for your allies to pick up.

survivors pick up ammo automatically for the type of weapon they have equipped without pressing a button. If you have enough breathing room to open the menu during an artifact fight or the final battle, your allies can easily grab any you drop.

As you get stat boosts from Pink F, your first priority will of course be ranged damage. After that, focus on Fear Resistance, followed by Stamina. The latter allows you dodge more often, while the first is essential to keep your team safe; a hunter possessed with a legendary weapon is one of the most dangerous tools in the demon’s arsenal.

If your Fear reaches max level during a critical fightimmediately empty your clip without reloading and switch to melee until you can recover. This will force the Daemon to waste precious time recharging in case you are possessed.

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The Hunter skill tree offers many uses, but its disparate branches make it important to specialize. every hunter must take at least one point of the level one skill, Long Shot, but it’s usually best to leave the ability alone after that. combat in Evil Dead: The Game it’s usually in tight enough spaces that the extra range isn’t necessary.

Hollow Pointson the other hand, it’s a must-choose skill for all four Hunter characters, since Significantly increases the already impressive damage of ranged weapons.

Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2)

Good, bad… he’s the guy with the gun. Ash’s specialization in the double-barreled shotgun makes the top row of skill tree a comfortable home for your hard-earned skill points. Each of his abilities, including the secondary branch, makes his signature Boomstick even more deadly.

Surgical Blow is particularly useful as reduces the spread of Ash’s shotsresulting in more hits and more damage to single targets.

Ed Getley

Ed can safely avoid I Ain’t Afraid Of No Trap and Ready For Anything, as his ability to detect traps makes them unnecessary. Ed’s skill points are much better spent working for Last chance.

Since crossbows only have one shot to start with, every bolt Ed shoots with his favorite weapon you will gain the bonus damage from Last Chance. It takes a while to get there, but prior skills Master of evasion Y deadly up close they are worthwhile investments in their own right.

Once Last Chance is fully updated, faster cooling it is easily unlocked, allowing Ed to reliably place all the traps in an area when the team arrives.

Kelly Maxwell

kelly plays more like a warrior than a hunter, making it difficult to pin down an ideal set of skills for her. Like Ed, Kelly benefits from Master of evasion Y deadly up close since those play with your unique abilities, but you don’t necessarily need to follow through to Last Chance.

Since Kelly prefers to mix things up at close range, the top row skills braking power Y firm grip complement your style very well. If you decide to stay with Kelly as principal, devastating force it requires a large investment of points, but puts her on par with her fellow warriors in terms of melee damage.

amanda fisherman

Amanda thrives on double tapping, and her early ability to always start with a pistol gives her a significant advantage. Once she has maxed out Hollow Pointsfill in the bottom row to get lonely wolf. withdraw from the group and rapidly shooting the enemy from afar It will significantly increase the damage you deal.

Lone Wolf also makes Amanda much safer in the early parts of the match, when the group is more likely to split up looking for a team. The wandering Deadites in the woods are in for a nasty surprise if they try to tangle with Amanda!

This is also one of the fastest routes to faster coolingwhich allows Amanda to use her amazing ammunition for days capacity more often.

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