Evil Dead: The Game – Spirit Points Explained

Evil Dead: The Game is a class-based multiplayer game that rewards players for specializing in specific characters. The oft-used phrase “play your class” is just as relevant here as it is in purely competitive games like Supervision. And Spirit Points are an important part of that.

each class in Evil Dead: The Game has two to four characters (some of which are locked until you complete single player missions) who play each role. If you plan on spending real time playing the game, it’s probably smart to pick a character to focus on from each of the four classes.

One of the best ways to level up a character is to use it in the game. However, there is another faster way to complete your skill tree and increase your levels: Spirit Points.

How do Spirit Points work in Evil Dead: The Game?

Spirit Points are one of the important elements of Evil Dead: The Game that are easy to miss in your first few sessions. Nevertheless, don’t forget to spend your Spirit Points. Earned after completing a session, these points are essentially bonus XP you can assign the characters as you like.

In Evil Dead: The Game, characters gain a skill point each time they level up. Spirit Points are an easy way to quickly level up your favorite characters and expand their skill trees without breaking the bank. This is especially helpful as sessions typically last 30 minutes or more.

Winning a round will obviously earn you a higher amount of Spirit Points than a loss.

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How do I spend spirit points?

You can spend Spirit Points by viewing your survivors by selecting the Collection in the main menu. From here you can select any character, as well as any of the three Demon classes, to view. When viewing the skill tree, you will see the character’s level and experience up to the next level in the bottom right corner. You can spend Spirit Points by holding down the Y (Triangle) button on this screen.

They deplete pretty quickly, so be sure to keep an eye on your Spirit Point total in the top right corner while you do this. It can be easy to spend Spirit Points by accident, and while you can’t get them back, Evil Dead: The Game it will allow you to respect any character at any time if you want to rearrange their allotted skill points.

That’s pretty much all there is to this nifty mechanic. Spirit Points will flow pretty quickly and steadily if you keep playing more matches, and the system is a great incentive to try out different characters. It might even be a good idea to keep your Spirit Points until you’ve found the character in each class you want to keep. For more information Evil Dead: The Game, go to our guide center.

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