Ezviz C6 2K+ surveillance camera review: Monitor everything at home

It is now possible to monitor your home using webcams and even use it as a baby monitor. But the references are numerous and more or less qualitative. Ezviz offers one of its classics with the C6 2K+. A success ?

No need to take out expensive subscriptions with a security operator and pay for an overpriced installation: it is now possible to monitor your home using cameras and systems that are very easy to implement. Ezviz thus offers a whole range of cameras.


  • Presentation and characteristics of the C6 2K+
  • Discreet, it blends into the decor
  • The essential app
  • The cloud on demand
  • Improvable audio and video

Presentation and characteristics of the C6 2K+

The C6 2K+ is an evolution of the entry-level model at Ezviz. As its name suggests, the resolution is in 2K with a raster definition at 2560 x 1440. The little extra added at the end of the reference is justified by the addition of an animal recognition function. The camera must indeed be able to differentiate humans from animals according to their movements. Motion detection which must also be able to launch a call with a simple gesture and follow a subject over 360°. Its motor allows it to be rotated and if you place it on a ceiling using the support provided, you can easily monitor all the angles of a room (note the tracking function is subject to a paid subscription).

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The box is complete, with its mounting bracket, screws and dowels

Like many of its competitors, it offers both a microphone and a speaker. You can thus use the camera as a communication medium and activate its recordings upon detection of a suspicious noise.

Planned to operate in Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5Ghz) it is also capable of recording videos on a microSD card. Thus, even if you lose your internet connection, you will be able to recover images. The cloud is also one of the possible recording services, subject to a paid subscription.

Compatibility Android, iOS
Connection Type Wi-Fi or wired (RJ45)
Definition 2560×1440
79° viewing angle Nope
Loud speaker Yes
Microphone Yes
motion tracking Yes
Subscription Optional
Feed Wired remote transformer

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Discreet, it blends into the decor

Its spherical shape is of course practical so that it can scan all angles. This universal design is borrowed by a large number of competitors. If this does not particularly distinguish it, it remains very discreet and fits very well into an interior.

Note that the support that can be used to fix it to the ceiling, for example, is quite practical, since you just have to slide the ball over it to fix it. On the other hand, it should be kept in mind that the power supply is wired and that as such it is necessary to have an electrical outlet accessible nearby. A brake if it is not simply placed on a piece of furniture.

A drilling template is even provided in the box

Ezviz C6 2K+ surveillance camera review: Monitor everything at home

The power supply delivered with is also quite bulky, which can be annoying for its connection. The motorization remains discreet and when the lens is fully rotated in private mode, a sleeping face drawn on the cover confirms it. The memory card slot is then accessible, for its installation or replacement.

The essential app

Your camera will only work with the app available for iOS or Android. Simply called Ezviz, the latter allows you to control the entire range of the brand. Note that some functions are not available depending on the phone system. Like for example the automation of certain actions depending on someone’s arrival/departure. Most of it, however, is functional.

The QR code allows you to easily launch an installation

Ezviz C6 2K+ surveillance camera review: Monitor everything at home

Adding a device is done by simply scanning the QRCode on its base. The installation did not last more than ten minutes with the C6 2K+. Time to create an account and customize the appearance of the home page. With a simple touch, you activate notifications in the event of motion detection.

This is also where you will activate the backlight compensation (WDR) function, in order to always distinguish faces, even if the subject is in front of a consequent light source. Very practical when a window is in the field of the camera. Especially since with the tracking of the detected subject you can scan large movements in the room.

Motion detection to make a call (your phone rings if someone wants to talk to you via the camera) works fine, but the situations where it can be useful will be relatively rare. Especially on the audio side, we are far from the comfort of a telephone.

The cloud on demand

The Ezviz cloud is regularly featured in the app. One month trial is free. At the end of the latter, you can choose one of the offers. Please note, here we are a little on the fringe of what the competition is offering, with several offers: the least expensive concerns a single camera with data backup for 7 days. A monthly subscription will cost you 5€. A sum that you can reduce to €4.2 if you choose an annual formula.

If you plan to acquire another camera connected (up to four cameras) to the cloud, this time we go to €7.50 for the monthly and €6.25/month for the annual. If you want data kept for 30 days, the calculations are simple, you double all the prices of the previous formulas.

These additional costs are not mandatory, but the cost remains much lower than security companies (the benefits are not identical of course). It’s up to you to balance the benefit/risk of the system.

Improvable audio and video

The microphone is indeed not always efficient enough for the conversation to be clearly audible. On the other hand, its general sensitivity to noise is sufficient, even if there is no distinction of type of noise. The camera can be triggered in the event of a baby crying, for example, but will not identify it as such.

In “private” mode your camera is dormant

Ezviz C6 2K+ surveillance camera review: Monitor everything at home

On the video side, the 2K resolution makes it possible to distinguish faces if they are less than 5 meters away. Switching to infrared overcomes the absence of light and is done very quickly. It will also be interesting to cut the status lights of the camera for discreet detection. An alarm can be triggered to inform the person filmed that they have been spotted, but its power will be insufficient to alert the neighborhood. It is better to be informed of an intrusion to take the appropriate measures.

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Strong points

  • Good motion tracking
  • A sensitive microphone
  • Different cloud options
  • A complete package

Weak points

  • A sensitive, but imprecise microphone for conversations
  • A lack of sharpness and precision on the video

The C6 2K+ from ZEVIZ is an interesting surveillance camera with serious advantages. The ability to differentiate between humans and animals means you don’t need to be notified of activity while you’re away, while 360° tracking and auto-zoom ensure you always have the action in the shot. of vision. We regret, however, a video quality a little behind the competition and the microphone which is sensitive, but which saturates quickly.

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