F1 22 crossplay is coming this month and you can try it now

Formula One racing on PC is about to get a lot more social, as F1 22 crossplay arrives later in August. Even better news is that you can try out the racing game’s new cross-play feature during two test sessions, the first of which starts today, August 5.

The two test sessions will take place from August 5 to 7 and from August 12 to 14. During these weekends, F1 22 players on PC will be able to play with F1 fans on PlayStation and Xbox consoles via Steam or Origin.

Crossplay works in both Social Race and Two Player Race modes in F1 22. To participate, you will need to enable crossplay in the “Settings” menu under “Game Options”. Once this is done, you will be able to join other sessions and invite players to your session on all platforms in Social Race.

F1 22 also has a Friends Center, which you can access by pressing F10, where you can add anyone you’ve recently raced to your friends list.

EA Sports has not provided a firm date for the full launch of the F1 22 cross-play feature; It will probably depend on how well these first two weekends go and if the community discovers any serious issues.

Check out our F1 22 review for more on the game, or take a look at our recommendations for the best F1 22 Monaco setup to get everything in order for the most famous track in the game. You may also want to review the F1 22 system requirements to make sure your PC is up to the task.

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