Fallout Mods May Be All Fans Get For Years To Come

It has recently been confirmed that fallout 5 will come after the release of The Elder Scrolls 6What does successor mean? fallout 4 could be at least a decade away. Fortunately, fans still have plenty Fall content you can expect thanks to modders.

Although fallout 4 Released in 2015, the game still sees a ton of new tweaked content. Modders are a staple in any Bethesda game, especially when working on unofficial patches and bug fixes, but what really gets the community excited are the massive mods that add tons of new quests, characters, and locations to the already populated world. of fallout 4. There’s currently a fair amount of Fallout 4 mods to keep in mind while waiting fallout 5.


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Fallout 4: Observation Point

The Point Lookout mod adds Fallout 3 creepy swamp parts fallout 4. It also includes the addon’s main and side quest line, complete with voice acting. The mod was released in May 2022 and has since garnered over 36,000 unique downloads. Overall, it’s an excellent recreation of one of Fallout 3 best locations. It’s also worth noting that the team behind Fallout 4: Observation Point is working on other big mods looking to recreate iconic Fall locations in fallout 4.

Condition: Finished

Sim 2 Settlements

Sim Settlements 2, a follow-up to the well-received Sim Settlements mod, comes with all its interface improvements, plus a new story. The mod adds countless building options, new quests, and fully voiced settlers. There is also an overarching episodic story, with Chapters 1 and 2 currently out and more in development.

For players who just want the improved mechanics of settlement building, they can also download the original Sim Settlements. There are many expansions to the original mod, such as “Industrial Revolution”, “Rise of the Commonwealth” and “Conqueror”.

Condition: partially completed

Mojave Project

An exciting project by some members of the team behind Fallout 4: Observation PointProject Mojave seeks to recreate the map of Fallout New Vegas as an explorable land mass in fallout 4. The mod is currently downloadable in its Alpha state, which includes the entire New Vegas strip and three casinos, among other locations.

The team is currently working on expanding the new vegas map and intends to do it “with a twist” to show how the Mojave Wasteland has changed over time. Although the mod is not a full remake, which means there will likely be no questlines from the original game, it’s great to see how new vegas would have looked in Fallout 4 newer engine.

Condition: early access

Fallout Miami

Fallout Miami is a mod set in a new region of the world: the post-apocalyptic vacation wasteland. The full mod will include new creatures, landscapes, and will thrust the player into the middle of an ideological conflict between the nuclear Patriots and the Enclave.

Although the full mod has not yet been released, players can download an earlier version of the mod’s map, as well as the first part of an episodic release titled “Miami Misadventures.”

Condition: early access

Capital Wasteland

Capital Wasteland it’s a fallout 4 mod by the team behind Fallout 4: Observation Point who is working on recreating the world of Fallout 3 in fallout 4. This involves creating new assets and locations, and the modding team is even working on Fallout 3 weapon degradation and repair system.

Unlike the aforementioned mods, Capital Wasteland it will be a total conversion mod, which means that it will completely revise the content of fallout 4. The mod is still in development and has yet to announce an official release date, but judging by Point Lookout, it looks like the project is in good hands.

Condition: Developing

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Fallout 4: New Vegas

Not to be confused with Project Mojave, Fallout 4: New Vegas is closer to a full remake as it intends to release a full recreation of the map along with New Vegas’ original missions. The mod’s social media accounts have released a steady stream of item mockups and map screenshots, and its development team is also working on a functional gameplay system.

Condition: Developing

Fallout 4: Project Creek

The modders have not forgotten about the original. Fall games. Fallout 4: Project Creek seeks to recreate the world of fallout 2 in fallout 4. Without a doubt, this is one of the most challenging ventures in the community as their modding team has to recreate assets based on Fallout 2 isometric graphics.

Fallout 4: Project Creek does not have many images or gameplay trailers yet. However, the assets, from broken down crates to handcrafted pipe rifles, look great in their 3D recreations based on what has been revealed.

Condition: Developing

Fallout: Vault 13

The original Fall It also gets a lot of love from the modding community. Fallout: Vault 13 is working on recreating consequences 1 with the fallout 4 engine, and their social media accounts have already posted screenshots of areas like Shady Sands and Vault 15. The team also released a Shady Sands showcase video earlier this year.

Condition: Developing

Fallout: Cascade

Fallout: Cascade is another one fallout 4 mod that takes players to a completely new region of the United States; in this case, the Pacific Northwest. It will follow the story of a new protagonist named Drifter and introduce new factions that are unique to the area.

Like the Capital Wasteland, it will be a complete overhaul of fallout 4, requiring the player to start a new game. Although there is no release date yet, there is plenty of video content available on Fallout: Cascade.

Condition: Developing

fallout london

the fallout london mod takes players to post-apocalyptic locations outside of the United States and introduces seven new factions. It also introduces new assets, including weapons, armor, and physical structures.

Having recently released a trailer for the game, there has been a positive response from the community to fallout london. The first few minutes of gameplay look very promising, along with well-crafted environments and excellent voice acting. Fans are no doubt excited to see how the world outside of America has fared in the face of the apocalypse.

Condition: Developing

fallout 4 It is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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