Fan Deciphers the Language of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley Lost Diaries

The Lost Diaries of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley feature mysterious language on its pages, but one eagle-eyed fan noticed that the letters closely resembled a script they had learned in their teens and managed to translate the messages contained within. The Lost Diaries of the Old Ruler are one of the many collectibles in the Disney game that help uncover the history of the world of him.

As spotted by GamesRadar, one player recognized the language in the pages of their youth, when, according to their Reddit post, they learned to write the Atlantean language created for the 2001 movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. they realized that the characters matched and were able to translate the entire message.

There seem to be a couple of letters missing, but the message in question reads: “This diary belongs to [the] ruler of [D]relight [V]alley. [P]private.” There is also a bottom line that is half cut off and appears to say “Do Not Read”. The user points out that the image is the same for all posts, so it’s not linked to the content of the individual collectibles, which have their own distinct text for each post you discover.

Users who responded to the discovery are hopeful that this could mean the characters of Atlantis could be making their way into the game of life. Given lead producer Manea Castet’s claim that the Disney roster offers an “almost limitless source of creativity” for the Gameloft team to turn into Dreamlight Valley characters, there’s a good chance they’ll eventually show up.

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Translated page image credit: Skissored on Reddit.

If you’re investigating for yourself, check out our beginner’s guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once you’re on your way, we’ll cover everything from Dreamlight Valley recipes to where to find the secret door in Dreamlight Valley. We also have many more of the best farming games, if you’re in the mood for something else to satisfy your farming desires.

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