Fans are reevaluating their initial thoughts on ‘Doctor Strange 2’

Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness has had mixed reviews from fans since its release in May. But now that the movie has landed on Disney Plus, fans are giving it another go and find that on second review, the movie has a lot going for it.

What Marvel struggles with is trying to pander to two opposing views of what an MCU movie should be, with some wanting a tried and tested formula time and time again and others looking for something to shake things up. In the case of Doctor Strange, reviews frequently fluctuated during its first few days in theaters, with some feeling that the film was too different from other Marvel offerings, that the character arcs weren’t handled well, and that the script was a mess. little clumsy at first. times.

Others found that under the direction of Sam Raimi, the film proved that the MCU can expand its genres and doesn’t have to fit the mold of superhero movies. Raimi brought his own vision of it, taking his experience from the Spiderman franchise and Evil Dead and interweaving that experience with Doctor Strange, allowing the film to take on a darker, more disturbing tone.

Fans are rewatching the master of the mystical arts from the comfort of home on Disney Plus, where he became available to stream on June 22. Now that they know what to expect, since they’ve already seen it in theaters, maybe it allows viewers to see from a different perspective and focus less on what the movie has to say and more on how it’s said.

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A fan posted their thoughts on a second viewing on Reddit.

Admitting that they weren’t impressed with the movie in theaters, but instead gave it another shot, they found that the movie had something to offer them if you look at it as a Raimi film. others chimed in with their own thoughts on why the film left some feeling deflated in theaters and why a second viewing might be necessary.

Very often, when you look at something for the second time, you begin to notice things that you had not initially seen.

Some feel that Marvel is trying to offer alternatives to what a superhero movie can be.

Many know that it is divisive.

This user just got carried away and discovered the fun the movie had to offer through that process.

This user blames people’s complaints about how the movie was marketed versus what we got at the theater.

However, many of the complaints about the film still come from the main character change in Wanda. Some still feel that the narrative surrounding the power of the Darkhold wasn’t built on enough, especially since he took over one of the strongest characters within the MCU and we didn’t get to see that process, only the result.

And for families who are used to being entertained by MCU movies, this got a little dark for some kids, who saw Wanda brutally murder a group of heroes.

As more people weigh in with their own second opinions, the waters will only get murkier. As Marvel continues, it will likely continue to offer new ways to tell a superhero story, and for some people, certain genres just won’t suit their tastes. The studio is treading new ground and will potentially alienate some fans while perhaps winning others over, the only problem is that these new offerings may bear the brunt of everything that’s been done so far.

Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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