Fans are speculating what Grimes had done to her face after the singer shared a post-op selfie.

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Grimes caught the attention of fans last month when the father of Elon Musk’s youngest children made a highly unusual request for plastic surgeon recommendations on Twitter. And after sharing a post-op photo a month later, fans are trying to find out what work the 34-year-old had done.

“Two years ago I made an appointment with a great plastic surgeon, I thought I might want to change things in my mid-30s, but then I forgot and never thought about what I should do,” Grimes, whose birth name is Claire Elise Boucher , tweeted The 15th of August. “Any facial modifications that you think would look good on me?” Parenthetically, he added that the elf ears were not an option, but a separate mission, as if it were the most normal and reasonable thing in the world.

Then, on September 17, he gave fans an update with a bandaged head and duct tape on his forehead, seemingly suggesting that he went with the “separate quest” for the elf ears, regardless. “I did something crazy!” she tweeted.

Aside from her lips, which have obviously had fillers, it wasn’t immediately clear what work Grimes had done. And now, a week later, Grimes has shared another post-op photo without the bandages, but it’s still not apparent.

“R selfies outdated yet?” she tweeted, sharing another photo of herself with full lips and her silver-lavender hair braided into pigtails. “I am very seriously considering getting a white ink tattoo on my face next week. Any ideas? It feels like it’s time.”

She may have had cheek fillers put in, as there appears to be what looks like a surgery scar on her right cheek. This author’s opinion is that she likely had her ears cropped back, a procedure known as otoplasty, which could perhaps be a first step in her quest for pixie ears.

But of course, that’s all just speculation, as her fans also got serious like detectives trying to figure out what’s different.

“What was the surgery you mentioned here? We want to know,” I ask one Twitter user, while another He suggested: “You can see where the injections were on her lips but I definitely thought there would also be goblin ears under the head wrap and you definitely don’t need to be in a hospital gown for fillers lol so I’m wondering the same thing.”

Others expressed concern over the rapid transformation of Grimes’ appearance. “Post-billionaire body dysmorphia phase in full swing!” tweeted another user. “Don’t cut yourself too much, you’re fine just the way you are.” Others floated that she was “serving an allergic reaction” and needs an epi-pen or that she no longer looks like herself.

In any case, as hard as fans try, it seems unlikely that Grimes will be dissuaded from getting a tattoo on his face or elf ears, so everyone can get used to the idea now, for better or worse. (But almost certainly worse).

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