Fans Break Maroon 5’s Silence Over Adam Levine Cheating Scandal

Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images/Twitter/@rayshaunacapri

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, Adam Levine is currently on the proverbial hot seat after Instagram model Sumner Stroh revealed her year-long affair with the notable musician. And from the deep dive of his vomit-inducing texts sent to various women to the most horrifying tattoos of him, people on the internet are obsessed with the controversy surrounding the singer. Although, there is one question that is still on the minds of millions of people around the world: how will the rest of Maroon 5 respond?

If you’re aware, Levine has been the frontman for the aforementioned band since the mid-’90s. Over the years, the group has achieved a lot of success within the music industry, but fans are still shocked that the rest of the members have kept quiet throughout this ordeal, which has apparently left the matter in the hands of people on the Internet.

On Twitter, comedian @hansdickie posted a hilarious tweet that cheekily asks other users to guess what the other “Maroon 4” members have to say.

Unsurprisingly, people on Twitter just couldn’t resist doing their bit. As a result, the replies are full of genuinely funny responses, from people quoting Maroon 5 lyrics to puns on the band’s name.

These responses are pure satire, of course, and not the actual response from any of the Maroon 5 members. But people speaking on behalf of the band have certainly become a meme in themselves. It remains to be seen when, and if, the other members decide to post a response, but we’ll definitely be waiting with bated breath.

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