Fans can’t decide if James Gunn is the savior or the scourge of superhero movies.

For the moment guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 roll next summer, james gunn he will have spent an unfortunate 13 years working almost exclusively in the realm of comic book adaptations, superheroes, and costumed crime fighters.

Excluding his role as a writer and producer on 2016 horror The Belko experimenthis filmography since the turn of the last decade will have consisted of his three Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters and Disney Plus Holiday Special, DC’s the suicide squad Y Pacifieroffbeat street comedy Superand subversively dark thriller brightburn.

While the critical and/or commercial success that all of the above has received shows that he’s very good at tackling the genre, fans remain divided on Gunn’s status within the pantheons of superhero cinema. As you can see from the reactions below, there is indeed a split on whether or not he is the savior or the scourge of the art form.

One silver lining that Gunn’s detractors can take from the debate is that he is likely to tackle something else in the not-too-distant future, even if Guardians Vol. 3 presumably it will be followed by PacifierThe second season of Troma, with the Troma graduate refusing to slow down when it comes to a workload that always has him knee-deep in a handful of projects.

Of course, you can make the exact same argument about any behind-the-camera talent repeatedly dipping their toes in superheroic waters, but the best method of silencing critics is to silence them with more top-tier film and television content. .

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