Fans Discuss Sequels That Ignored Previously Established Plots

The consensus is that a movie sequel should continue the narrative established in the original movie. However, a few sequels have been released that not only went in a different direction, but ignored some plot lines from the previous entry.

A couple of Reddit users got together yesterday to discuss some of the sequels that strayed away from already established stories, only to revisit them in the next movie.

The original poster’s problems started after seeing it again. men in black and its sequel Men in Black IInoting that the sequel “renews much of the same ground”.

A popular franchise that made the list was toy story. In the original movie, Buzz Lightyear believes that he is an actual space ranger and not an action figure. For much of the movie, his character refuses to accept that he is just a toy. As he realizes at the end of the first movie, toy story 2 sees the character reverting to the mindset that he’s a space ranger midway through the movie.

Another film franchise notable for moving away from established plots was demonic resident, starring Milla Jovovich. Sequels almost always ignore the events of the previous movies and venture into new territory. As one poster stated, “it feels like six separate movies that were retroactively joined in sequels.”

Users named several film franchises for completely undoing the work of previous films, including: Cars, Terminator, Transformers, Highlander, Fast and Furiousand more.

While many sequels have earned a reputation for completely ignoring the staple moments provided in previous movies, many of the aforementioned movies still did very well, and on the whole, fans don’t seem to care much. Who needs a cohesive narrative, anyway?

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