Fans Praise a DCEU Veteran That Desperately Needed a Shine

the state of the DC Extended Universe has been hotly debated lately, especially after Warner Bros. Discovery’s controversial decision to shelve the near-finished HBO Max original movie Bat girl – however, fans appreciate the brilliance that happened for Joel Kinnaman’s Colonel Rick Flag.

Rick was the leader of Task Force X in 2016 critically panned suicide squad. And while the character seemed like nothing more than a generic GI Joe in that film, with an equally one-dimensional caricature of a personality to go with it, he was given plenty of redemption by the film’s sequel last year. the suicide squad.

“I think we can all agree that Rick Flag got a BIG update on TSS,” Reddit user u/Nahim33 posted on the r/DC_Cinematic subreddit on Wednesday, garnering over two thousand upvotes in a few hours.

Ditching the stereotypical army uniform and rifle for a tongue-in-cheek yellow T-shirt and trusty shotgun, Rick not only looked a lot more original in James Gunn’s acclaimed sequel, he also had a bit more character depth. Near the climax of the film, Rick discovered that John Cena’s Peacemaker had an insidious secret mission throughout the film, cruelly ignoring the fate of the people of Corto Maltese and their danger from the tentacles of the kaiju creature known as Starro. Rick valiantly fights Peacemaker – and loses his life – to uncover the truth about the sinister experiments the United States conducted on aliens and the political prisoners who became their victims. Rick even got rid of that ugly goatee in the sequel, for starters.

One commenter commented that Rick’s reinvention in the suicide squad it was definitely an improvement, but it’s just “too bad it’s not coming back”.

“I was legitimately sad when he died!” wrote another fan.

“His hair has improved too,” another Reddit user correctly noted, referencing Rick’s hairstyle, which went from an uninspired buzz cut to letting down his bangs.

“The beard, combined with the pale skin and the pose, made him look like a tweaker. Big update on TSS,” agreed another fan.

Flag was not only “Definitely more badass”, according to one commenter, but he also had “more personality and was more memorable”.

“It’s a shame we lost him, he really stood out in the movie,” another fan commented.

While we, too, mourn the loss of Rick Flag within the DCEU, we take solace in the fact that many of the other colorful characters Gunn has brought to the cinematic universe will live on. The prolific writer-director recently clarified the spin-off Pacifier it was safe to return for the second season, despite the recent reorganization of WBD.

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