Fans weren’t ready for the emotional whiplash in ‘House of the Dragon’ episode 6.

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Warning: This article contains massive spoilers for house of the dragon

It is not game of Thrones without a bit of death here and there, and the same can be said for house of the dragon, as fans weren’t ready for the emotional whiplash that was episode six. Fans had to say goodbye to several characters when they were killed off on the show. And what made this annoying is that they were all fan favorites, and fans were hoping they would have more stories to tell. But such is the nature of living at Kings Landing.

On the r/Houseofthedragon subreddit, fans had to say goodbye to Laena Velaryon, the wife of Prince Daemon Targaryen and the sister of Ser Laenor Velaryon. She died after failing to give birth to Daemon’s child. So instead of dying a miserable death from a failed delivery, she took matters into her own hands. She ordered her dragon, Vhagar, to kill her, fulfilling her wish to die as a dragonrider.

Fans cried as they expected more stories with this fierce Velaryon as we barely met her except she was offered to be the new wife of King Viserys, and she and Daemon flirted in episode five. Fans hoped that the show would show her friendship with Rhaenyra or more adventures with Daemon, but sadly that was not the case.

But it’s not just Laena’s death that fans witnessed in the new episode. Both Lyonel and Ser Harwin Strong were killed when their place caught fire, leading to their deaths. Of course, the fans weren’t okay when this scene happened, as they were so loved and respected the crown.

However, his death sparked mixed feelings among fans. They loved Lyonel, but were mixed with Harwin, as he may or may not have had a secret affair with Princess Rhaenyra. But that didn’t stop fans from getting angry at Layrs, who confirmed that he killed his own family “under Alicent’s orders.”

Fans knew what they were getting into when they saw this series. They knew that somewhere in the story, their favorite characters would die, especially now that we’re halfway through the season. And with previews for episode seven now up on YouTube, you can expect more drama and gore as this family conflict continues.

episode six of house of the dragon is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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