Fans would love to see Wolverine go the Captain America route with a WWII movie.

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Most comic book fans would agree that X-Men Origins: Glutton it’s a pretty irredeemable slice of superhero cinema, and the blockbuster’s reputation is neatly summed up by the fact that it peaked during the opening credits.

The sequence showing Logan and Victor Creed fighting every major conflict in human history spanning several centuries was a phenomenal and inspired way to kick off the fan-favorite’s first solo outing, but the rest of the runtime it only served to disappoint.

It is a question of whether the mutton-chopped mutant returns to our screens, given that the rights to the X Men they’re now controlled by Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios, and fans on Reddit are suggesting that the next iteration of Wolverine is going the same way as Captain America the First Avengeralthough from another perspective and with a much darker tone.

Does the concept of origins opening credits be able to sustain a feature film? It’s almost certain, given that each battle and/or conflict would provide a different backdrop to drive the action, while also refreshing the MCU formula by taking things into the distant past for the first time in a while.

In the right hands, it would have all the potential in the world to be something truly special, juxtaposing the song and dance of Captain America’s introduction to the war effort to focus on an indestructible killing machine trapped in the trenches, knowing full well that he is the only person guaranteed to come out the other side completely unscathed.

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