Fast travel in GTA Online and catalog of classic games? These are some of the questions from the latest Rockstar Games survey – Grand Theft Auto Online – 3dgames

Rockstar Games has conducted a recent survey of subscribers to GTA+, the company’s paid membership. Broadly speaking, this service offers subscribers additional advantages and bonuses in gta online. Thus, they have access to discounts and exclusive items within the massive online experience. However, the North American firm would be looking for new options to add to the membership to attract more users.

Among the survey questions was the possibility of add fast travel to GTA Online. In the online game of red dead redemption 2, users have the option to move between camps and bases instantly. Taking into account the size of the map and the means of transport available, it is logical that Rockstar has opted for this option. However, it seems that he would have in mind to add it to GTA Online and, if he did, include it within the advantages of GTA+.

Rockstar Games could include classic games in its GTA + service

However, one of the most striking aspects of the survey is related to the classic games of the company. Apparently, Rockstar Games would have asked this group of limited users if they would be satisfied with a selection of old releases from the developer. Although they did not give names, it is intuited that it would be deliveries of the grand theft auto saga either the Red Dead Redemption franchise among other.

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Rockstar Games is immersed in the development of GTA 6, the next installment in the series that will arrive in the next few years. After solve problems with leaks, the firm has returned to normality and continues working to polish its next proposal. GTA Online, for its part, is preparing to celebrate their tenth anniversary in 2023.

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