Fiends of All Things Frightening Wonders If 2022 Will Become a Big Historical Year for Horror

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After what felt like an age out of the rut for mainstream moviegoers, horror ace made a huge comeback as dreadites ponder if 2022 has been the best year for the genre.

It’s been a banner year for blood and gore as the genre has had a major resurgence. Thanks to the likes of Scream, bodies bodies bodies, the black phone, MenY BarbarianFans believe the year will go down in history as potentially the greatest year for horror.

The call was made before the peak October scare season kicked off, with several more big-name projects still on their way to theaters and streaming.

The answers flowed in with other fans of the genre giving their thoughts on the year so far and which movies have been their best moments. The praise went to Men of a few, even though it usually splits audiences down the middle. The body horror film blew audiences away when it was released despite its incredibly direct writing.

Even though some of these are definitely not strict horror movies (see Nope, bodies bodies bodiesY Prey), all have made the genre feel significantly more accessible to different kinds of audiences. There’s a good mix of horror comedy, slashers, psychological thrillers, and disturbing movies on the list.

While it might not compete with other landmark years, like the continuing hot streak scene in the 1980s, it’s been a good year to indulge in a bit of horror.

Horror fans have also been called incredibly understanding and welcoming as a result of this by one user, with comparisons to how tribal and reactionary sci-fi and fantasy communities can be towards newcomers. you west Pearl It also got some love, intending to make Mia Goth a new scream queen as it looks set to go into a trilogy.

There are still a few big ones to come out in 2022, with end halloween promising an end to the franchise on October 14, and the last hellraiser I try it will be out on October 4th.

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