FIFA 22: How To Complete Vincenzo Grifo TOTS Challenge Objectives

It’s time for the Bundesliga to shine in FIFA 22 Football Ultimate Team. The Bundesliga Team of the Season (TOTS) promotion is now live in FUT and comes with new cards that can be obtained. One of those cards features one of the best midfielders on tour, SC Freiburg midfielder Vincenzo Grifo. A new 90 OVR Griffin card is now available for a limited time in FIFA 22, and here’s what you can do to get it.

How to complete the TOTS Grifo Objectives challenge

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To complete this challenge, you need to complete four separate objectives. All of these objectives can be completed in Squad Battles. Here, users will compete against the computer and take on user-created FUT teams from around the world. Users can also use Rivals to perform these missions.

The four objectives are as follows:

  • german clipper – Score eight goals using players with min. 4* Skill Moves in Squad Battles matches on min. Professional (or Rivals) difficulty (rewards are Gold Pack and 300 XP)
  • across road – Assist eight direct pass goals with Bundesliga players in two separate Squad Battles matches on min. World Class Difficulty (or Rivals) (Rewards are 75+ OVR Rare Player Rating and 300 XP)
  • Bundesleader – Score using Bundesliga players in five separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional (or Rivals) difficulty (rewards are Premium Gold Pack and 300 XP)
  • wink to the nation – Win eight matches in Squad Battles on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals) with 11 Italian players in your starting team (rewards are 62 OVR TOTS Swap Token, Electrum Players Pack, and 300 XP)
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Complete all four and you will receive the 90 OVR Griffin and 300 XP.

The second and third objective challenges have no nation, skill move, or weak foot requirements, as all you need to do is rack up goals and assists with the Bundesliga players. Then present your best team with the Bundesliga theme in Squad Battles, to achieve it.

Now, the trick will be the first and fourth objectives. German Clipper requires 4* Skill Moves players, so Bundesliga players like Robert Lewandowski and POTM Christopher Nkunku will do the trick.

But then there is the ‘Wink to the Nation’ objective, which requires 11 Italian players in the main lineup. Since only two Bundesliga players (Vincenzo Grifo and FUT Fantasy Daniel Caliguri) are Italian and from the Bundesliga, this means that you will have to use others to do this. There are many Italian links with 4* skill moves, such as Marco Verratti, FUT captains Lorenzo Pellegrini and Federico Chiesa cards. But it will take a bit more work, as far as team building goes.

Card information through FUTBIN. This challenge is scheduled to expire on May 20.

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