FIFA 23: the huge FUT novelties are presented on video

Game News FIFA 23: the huge FUT novelties are presented on video

A few weeks away from its release, FIFA 23 continues to unveil its content in detail. Today, it is the emblematic Ultimate Team mode which is presented in length, in width and across thanks to a more than generous commented video.

A new mode for FUT players

Who says FIFA, necessarily says Ultimate Team. The single and multiplayer game mode of Electronic Arts’ football simulation is now inseparable from the license and constitutes in itself a solid selling point for football fans. With this new video, EA is pleased to explain in detail some of the new features of this 2023 version of FUT.

In the first place, it is the mode entitled “Moments” which presents itself in depth. In this single-player game mode, players will need to complete in-game challenges to collect “stars” to redeem for packs. On very short sessions which occur at crucial moments of a match, it will be necessary for example to perform a specific action to validate the challenge. Moments mode will feature both fixed and seasonal content to renew the player experience. In the same way as the team of the week, some challenges should be influenced by the actions performed each week in the different leagues.

An Upcoming Alchemy Overhaul

The most notable change is the total overhaul of alchemy. Present since the first FUT iterations, this system forced the creation of teams made up of players from either the same championship or the same team, or who shared the same nationality. Each player also had to be placed according to the position assigned to them, with some variations such as icons and heroes that offered a little more versatility.

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This time, the ties between each player disappear permanently. Instead, players will have some kind of diamonds that will influence their stats, up to three diamonds. Concretely, the number of diamonds is determined by the different characteristics (team, championship, nationality) of each player. For example, one diamond is awarded for two players of the same club lined up on the field, 2 for five players and up to three for nine players.

FIFA 23: the huge FUT novelties are presented on video

The other change to highlight is the appearance of alternative positions for each player. Until now, it was possible to change the position of a player according to his basic position (for example, a central midfielder could be changed using a card in attacking midfield, or defensive midfielder etc). From now on, this modification of position is induced from the positioning in the real life of each player. In the video, Manchester City right-back Joao Cancelo is sent to the left side as he also plays in that position in the Premier League. A significant change, therefore, which once again offers more options to build your dream team.

In addition, we also learn how FUT icons and heroes will influence this Alchemy system. Each icon will count as two players of the same nationality while heroes will count as two players of the same league.

The good news that comes from this system, it’s that the penalties linked to the lack of alchemy simply disappear. Each player will not see their stats reduced more than their effective rating. This note will only increase according to the diamonds.

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Cross-Play, Customization and World Cup

To conclude this video, EA notably mentions the case of Cross-Play, a first for a FIFA opus. The problem is that not all platforms are mentioned here. We thus understand that Xbox and Playstation players will be able to do battle against each other, but the case of PC or Switch players is not mentioned.

Cross-Play will concern both Rivals mode and friendly matches. In addition, in order to harmonize the transfer market between each platform, EA opts for a global market, bringing together all the offers issued by players, regardless of their platform.

Stadium customization will return to FIFA 23 with new animated tifos and trophies.

Finally, in parallel with the World Cup in Qatar which will begin at the end of the year, FIFA 23 should also cover the competition but this is the only information that EA deigns to offer us. We remember that in 2018, FIFA had set up a FUT variant dedicated to the World Cup with cards exclusive to the competition.

FIFA 23 is scheduled for September 30 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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