Final Fantasy 16 Producer Compares Eikon Battle To Pro Wrestling Match

Earlier this month, Square Enix gave fans their second look at final fantasy 16 in a game state. This was recently followed by a series of interviews conducted by Yoshi-P, where new details were revealed. For example, it is confirmed that final fantasy 16 It will feature a party system, however it is not like the previous games. Fans will have one or two companions joining them at various points throughout the story.

was also confirmed final fantasy 16 It won’t be open world, but instead will feature a number of large zones for players to explore. Yoshi-P also talked a bit about Eikon’s battles in the game, revealing how varied they are and even comparing them to a wrestling match.


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Speaking about how Eikon Battles’ UI feels a bit like a fighting game with Game Informer, Yoshi-P revealed that the UI underwent some changes during development. It was relatively too small at first and then it got bigger, and part of the UI was just left in the final fantasy 16 Dominance trailer to show that it was real-time footage. However, it looks like the UI will vary from Eikon Fight to Eikon Fight as each one is designed to be different.

Each fight will depend on the Eikon, which makes sense given how varied they are. To be exact, Yoshi-P said that “the overall game design for these Eikon vs. Eikon battles, however, needs to be unique, and in fact, we don’t actually use the exact same system twice.” He then goes on to say that one Eikon vs. Eikon battle would be like a 3D shooter, another is like a professional wrestling match, and then a third could be like a full battle arena.

In fact, several UI elements were hidden in the trailer to avoid final fantasy 16 story spoilers That’s interesting in and of itself, as well as how each Eikon battle might work out. Speculatively speaking, the pro wrestling match could be Ifrit vs. Titan, the marksman could be a long range summon like Garuda vs. Shiva, and the entire battlefield could be Shiva vs. Titan that is seen in the first trailer or even Odin vs. Bahamut.

It will be interesting to learn more about these Eikon battles and final fantasy 16 usually. For now, fans know that the next trailer will drop sometime this fall, and this is enough information to keep fans going until then.

final fantasy 16 releases in summer 2023 for PS5.

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Source: Game Informer

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