Final Vendetta: How to defeat the scientist

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  • What attacks should I anticipate?

ultimate revenge introduces new obstacles in its third stage, the Elevator. First of all, there are oil drum stage traps that roll towards you and require quick reactions. Second, this stage introduces a new bulky helmeted enemy that deals a lot of damage. Additionally, you’ll have to survive a series of rounds against enemies in a locked elevator (sound familiar, Final Fight fans?).


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These tests conclude in a boss battle with The scientist, a messy-haired, bespectacled, haze-wearing man with surprisingly proficient martial arts skills. For one thing, The Scientist isn’t dependent on other fighters for help. But on the other hand, he moves so fast around the stage that he sometimes feels like he’s in several places at once. In turn, this battle feels like an endless game of whack a mole.

Beware of oil drums

The Elevator is the first stage in Final Vendetta with traps. These obstacles are groups of oil drums that roll across the screen. You will have to jump on them or attack them at the right time. Otherwise, they will knock you down and negatively affect your HP. There are three oil drum traps that you need to avoid so they will lead you to fight the scientist.

  • trap 1 it is at the beginning of the stage, between the “7” sign and the painted wall.
  • trap 2 roll from the left of the screen after the elevator stops moving.
  • trap 3 enter from the right of the screen after exiting the elevator into the hallway with the subway map.

What attacks should I anticipate?

The scientist has one particular attack that deals significant damage. His stamp kick has a reasonable start-up period. However, you will be severely punished if you don’t anticipate the attack. This kick that sends shockwaves removes a significant amount of HP. All it takes is looking away near the scientist to become vulnerable to the trample kick. Therefore, it is essential to carefully follow the movement of the Scientist.

Battle Strategy Guide

When we said that The Scientist battle was similar to Whack-a-mole, we weren’t kidding. The main strategy in this fight is to hit the scientist before he has a chance to hit you. Otherwise, he will take you by surprise with attacks that feel practically out of nowhere.

So how can you keep track of the scientist’s movement? First, focus on the dust clouds it leaves behind. Then be sure to look in the direction of the dust cloud. If you attack in the direction of the dust cloud, you can catch the scientist before he has a chance to attack. After The Scientist attacks you or you attack The Scientist, it will move again. This pattern is repeated throughout the battle.

However, while tracking the Scientist’s movements is vital, it is advisable to refrain from chasing him. He could walk right into an attack. So if The Scientist attacks out of range, stay on guard to stay safe. Then wait for him to come to you. The scientist doesn’t stay in one place for long, so he’ll end up in your attack range sooner than you think.

You’ll knock out the scientist relatively quickly if you can survive every cycle between his moves. In this sense, The Scientist is a simple boss fight as long as you stay focused and keep your cool.

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