Fortnite: a game mode that will change everything for Season 4 of Chapter 3?

Game News Fortnite: a game mode that will change everything for Season 4 of Chapter 3?

It’s well known with Fortnite: each season has its share of new features. Currently, Chapter 3 Season 3 is in full swing, but in the shadows, Epic Games is already thinking about the features that will surprise players. Like the arrival of the “Without Construction” mode, a new game mode could come and rock all the codes of the battle royale phenomenon!


  • Skins galore, but not only!
  • A whole new way to play Fortnite?

Skins galore, but not only!

Rare are the days when we don’t hear about a future collaboration in Fortnite. On this side, with the recent leaks of information, proven or not or quickly defused, there was plenty to do. Within a few days, we heard about a collaboration with the universe of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball work, the arrival of two characters from the universe of The Last of Us in the battle royale and the return of the license League of Legends through a new skin taken from the series Arcane from Netflix.

Fortnite: a game mode that will change everything for Season 4 of Chapter 3?

As for the skins, the most informed insiders of the game do not let any information pass, but they sometimes take a close interest in the next features that Epic Games intends to introduce in the battle royale. After the revelation around the weapon charms that could arrive soon, it is a game mode that is now in the center of attention. And this one could well revolutionize the gameplay of Fortnite or, at least, offer it a whole new point of view!

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A whole new way to play Fortnite?

It has now been more than five years since Fortnite tries to constantly renew itself! With the introduction of a mode Without Construction “, Epic Games has made the bet to focus on the essentials of its proposal (a map, loot, enemies) in order to attract an even wider audience. Galvanized by this idea, the Epic Games teams seem to have looked into other small revolutions in the way of understanding the game. According to the HYPEX insider’s Twitter account, which is generally very well informed about battle royale, a new way of playing could be introduced next season!

At present, Fortnite stands out from competing battle royales by its choice to stage firefights in third-person view. However, the developers could have listened to the players and developed a game mode allowing you to survey the island and chain the Top 1 in first person view, as can be the case in the most popular FPS of the moment.. Nevertheless, and as always, we will have to wait until an official announcement from Epic Games to fully rejoice in the addition of this novelty!

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