Fortnite announces a collaboration with Eminem, but the rapper does not reach the battle royale as you imagine

Epic Games introduces the songs of the musical artist so that we can win the games to the rhythm of rap.

Fortnite players continue to be amazed to see characters from dragon ball dancing and fighting in battle royale, as the latest Epic Games collaboration introduces some of the best-known faces of the manganime created by Akira Toriyama. This event has a large number of activities and news for the community, but the authors of the game already move tab to launch a new idea.

Now we can listen to Eminem songs while participating in the battle royaleWe talked about a collaboration with the rapper Eminem, who comes to the battle royale with his songs. Because, after being the only musical artist that sounded on the Fortnite Idols Radio, many users began to theorize about a collaboration that has ended up being a reality. In this way, from Epic Games they encourage us to win the battles listening to some of the best-known songs of the singer, which are played on the radio of the title.

However, there are not a few users who expected a collaboration more focused on Eminem skins, since this practice is already common in the famous battle royale. At the moment, dataminers have not found files that refer to this possibility, but there are those who expect more news of this association between Eminem and Fortnite in the future.

Be that as it may, Fortnite continues to surprise us with the most diverse initiatives. After all, Epic Games has not hesitated to introduce skins focused on some of the entertainment franchises most famous of the moment, but we must not forget that their work has also led us to musical grounds with virtual concerts from DJ Marshmello and pop singer Arianna Grande, not to mention cosmetics from the famous rap group Wu-Tang Clan.

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