Fortnite FIFA: an upcoming collaboration for the 2022 World Cup?

Game News Fortnite FIFA: an upcoming collaboration for the 2022 World Cup?

As the Football World Cup approaches, a collaboration between FIFA and Fortnite in this context could happen. What we know.


  • Football, closely linked to video games
  • A collaboration with FIFA?

The 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar is approaching: it will start on November 20 and end with a final on December 18. An imminent beginning which is felt through various news: the coach of the France team Didiers Deschamps must carry out his team of 23 from Qatar but deals with serious difficulties in view of the injuries of many players.

Furthermore, we also note the recent collaboration between the Ted Lasso series whose characters have been formalized to be part of FIFA 23. Football is now almost an integral part of video games, so many footballers sometimes stream their games live or are the subject of collaborations.

For example, one can cite the example of Brazilian footballer Neymar. The very famous player from Paris-Saint-Germain often plays poker as an occupation, but also a regular player of shooting games. We have already seen him at work on Fortnite (in which there is an outfit bearing his image) or on Counter Strike: Global Offensive: a hobby that allows him to “reduce the distance with friends and relax with them so as not to freak out“. On this subject, we can also mention Antoine Griezmann who has an eSports team and who sometimes plays on Warzone, while Kylian Mbappé is often filmed playing FIFA 23 (even if he is rarely satisfied with his grade on the game).

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A collaboration with FIFA?

To stay with the football theme, it is the Fortnite game that could be involved. Followers of collaborations of all kinds (we remember the massive partnership with dragonball), it is with FIFA that Epic Games could partner in the context of the battle royale: it is the dataminer and leaker HyperX, often very well informed, who sends us the information on Twitter:

Epic has added “BR World Cup” challenges that award 26,000 XP each for this season, no idea when they’ll be available.

Maybe for season 5? Indeed, while season 4 has not yet started it seems that the date of season 5 is already known : it would start on December 5, 2022, 48 hours after the end of the fourth, and would not sign a revolution.

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