Fortnite Guide: The Paths of Nindo

For a limited time you can get free Naruto items in Fortnite, we’ll show you how.

Fortnite is collaborating once again with the Naruto Shippuden series! This is exciting not only for Naruto fans, but for just about any Fortnite player because it’s a chance to win free cosmetic items.

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This time the quests will work a bit differently and may be a bit more difficult to understand, however you will have plenty of time to complete them and get your rewards. Don’t worry, in this article we will go over everything you need to know to sign up for Nindo’s Paths and how to complete the different paths.


How to take part

To participate in the Paths of Nindo event you will need to register through Epic Games. This means that you need to visit the official Paths of Nindo event page and sign in with your Epic account.

This is so that Epic Games can keep track of your in-game stats during the time of the event and this is how you will be accurately rewarded for your efforts. It can take up to an hour for your points to update, so don’t be alarmed if you visit the website again and don’t see as many changes as you’d like.

Badges and rewards

You will have to complete different paths which will later become badges. Earn a specific number of badges to receive certain rewards and complete all the paths to earn even more rewards.

Path how to complete Reward (a badge) Reward (five badges)
itachi’s way Finish in the top 6 five times Surprised Itachi In-Game Cosmetic Emoticon 20,000 XP
gaara’s way Survive 24 storm circles Focused Gaara in-game cosmetic emote 20,000 XP
hinata’s way Catch 20 fish Cosmetic emoticon in the Byakugan Hinata game 20,000 XP
Orochimaru’s Way Eliminate 18 players In-game cosmetic emote featuring Orochimaru’s smile 20,000 XP

Complete one path to receive the Akatsuki Cosmetic Wrap and complete all four paths to receive the Manda Glider.

If you want your stats to count towards this challenge, you’ll need to play on Regular Battle Royale and Zero Build Playlists as it won’t count if you try to do it in LTM or special playlists. you have until July 7, 2022 at 23:59 ET to participate and claim your rewards.

If you want to know more or have any questions, you can read the official announcement on the Epic Games website.

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