Fortnite puts labels on you, but it’s for the sake of your sociability!

Game News Fortnite puts labels on you, but it’s for the sake of your sociability!

Fortnite is launching a new feature for players, allowing them to find other players to play with, and who match them.

The latest update, version 21.10from Fortnite offers a new feature: social labelsuseful for group search. We explain what it is.

Social labels, a way to introduce yourself

Until then in the trial phase, the social labels Where social tags have been permanently added with the latest Fortnite update on June 22. The idea is to allow you to introduce yourself to other playersand determine to what kind of players you have to do. You can choose three tags to attach to your player profile. Thus, you will be able to present yourself through your favorite game mode, the atmosphere you prefer in your games (with or without microphone, casual or intense game …), and the competitive event favorite for you.

Group Finder added to Fortnite

The social labels serve another new feature. Indeed, as can be found in other multiplayer gamesFortnite added in its game the ability to search for a groupthe famous fairly classic LFG feature (Looking for Group). Once you have added a social tag to your profile, you will be able to send and receive player invites of your region with the same label. You can activate and deactivate the group search at will. When in a team, the group search is optional and the old invitation system is in operation.

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The different social labels

Game modes:

Fortnite puts labels on you, but it's for the sake of your sociability!
  • BR – Duets
  • BR – Trios
  • BR-Sections
  • Zero Build – Duos
  • Zero Build – Trios
  • Zero Build – Sections
  • 1v1
  • 2v2
  • 3v3v3v3
  • boxfights
  • Build Battles
  • City Games
  • deathrun
  • Driving
  • Free for All
  • Gun Games
  • Minigames
  • mystery
  • Open World
  • Parkour
  • practice
  • Prop Hunt
  • pvp
  • Red vs. Blue
  • Role play
  • snipers
  • survival
  • Tactical Defense
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Tycoon
  • variety
  • Vehicle Battles
  • Winter Games
  • Zombies
  • Area Wars


Fortnite puts labels on you, but it's for the sake of your sociability!
  • Casual
  • fun
  • Intense
  • To make friends
  • Quests
  • Microphone on
  • Microphone off


Fortnite puts labels on you, but it's for the sake of your sociability!
  • Arena Duos
  • Threesome Arena
  • CashCup
  • Console Cup
  • cosmetic cup
  • FNCS
  • HypeCup
  • Lightning Cup
  • Zero Build Cup

Source : Fortnite

Fortnite launched social tags and group search on battle royale and creative mode on June 22.

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