Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3: Week 3 Micmac Quests

news tip Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3: Week 3 Micmac Quests

MicMac is the customizable skin of this season. Indeed, as the latter progresses, you will be able to unlock new elements for the latter and customize it as you wish. In this article, we suggest you find all the quests of the week, to precisely stock up on these elements.


  • Prerequisites
  • Week 3 Head Styles
  • Week 3 Arm Styles
  • Week 3 Chest/Leg Styles


Before embarking on these Micmac quests and the search for Bricbroc tokens in Fortnite, there are several things to do and the first is simply to go to the cash register to buy the battle pass for this season 3 of Fortnite. Indeed, Micmac is only available in the paid pass.

Once done, you unlock the page, but not the challenges themselves. Indeed, for this you must first unlock the Micmac skin which fortunately is him in the first page. You can get it with your base 5 stars, plus four more that you’ll have to get. Once that’s done, you can start the challenges.

Week 3 Head Styles

Let’s start with the head styles and for this first week you are going to have quite a few choices. since there are simply 4 different ones to find in addition to the base one that you unlock by unlocking the MicMac skin in the battle pass. You can find all token locations below.

  • Gleaming Crane: Complete 6 Week 0 Weekly Challenges
  • Bestial Brush: Complete 6 Week 1 Weekly Challenges
  • Cérébouchon: Complete 6 Week 2 Weekly Challenges
  • Olivenere: Complete 6 Week 3 Weekly Challenges
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Week 3 Arm Styles

Just like the heads 4 new arm styles in addition to the basic one will appear. Again, you will have to find tokens and to help you, we have indicated them all on the cards that you will find below.

  • Barcode: Complete 3 Weekly Challenges of Week 0
  • Octopus: Complete 3 Week 1 Weekly Challenges
  • Luminopiques: Complete 3 Weekly Challenges in Week 2
  • Bricamouflage: Complete 3 weekly challenges of week 3
Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3: Week 3 Micmac Quests

Week 3 Chest/Leg Styles

Finally, for this week 3, we finish on the torso and leg styles and apart from those offered when you unlock the skin, you will only have one torso style and two additional legs to unlock at the moment.

  • Neonwalker: Complete 25 Weekly Challenges
  • Lightningscale: Complete 45 Weekly Challenges
  • Outcast: Complete 35 Weekly Challenges
Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3: Week 3 Micmac Quests

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