Fortnite Star Wars: a well-known Skywalker from the saga soon in the battle royale?

Game News Fortnite Star Wars: a well-known Skywalker from the saga soon in the battle royale?

Once again, it seems that a collaboration is looming between Disney and Fortnite: a recent datamining would have put the finger on the imminent arrival of Luke Skywalker’s saber. What to expect from the content?


  • Luke Skywalker soon in Fortnite?
  • Fortnite and Star Wars: the latest collaborations

Luke Skywalker soon in Fortnite?

According to a leaked, one of the most well-known Star Wars jedi could make an appearance in the battle royale Fortnite. On Twitter, user @FNBRintel noticed that the last title update dropped a valuable detail: a new lightsaber was implemented in the title with the codename NPC. If the saber has already been integrated into the title previously, it is around Luke that the speculations revolve:

Luke Skywalker could arrive in Fortnite sooner than expected! In the latest patch, a new saber/updated saber was added for him with the NPC codename so his character could work the same as Darth Vader currently in game.

Indeed, today there is a non-playable character dark Vador. This NPC has a shuttle that lands at a random location on the map. Anyone who goes there can duel the Sith Lord and have his saber as a reward.

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Fortnite and Star Wars: the latest collaborations

Such a collaboration would not be surprising as Disney and Fortnite have already collaborated so much. Just with Star Wars, we can recently mention the event around the special Star Wars day of May 04: on this occasion, several skins related to Star Wars were available. Among others, Kylo Ren, Boba Fett but also Rev and Finn. Even more recently, cosmetics relating to Obi-Wan Kenobi have entered the Star Wars store: it was of course when the series about the Jedi was released on May 27 that this crossover took place.

The arrival of an NPC or Luke Skywalker outfits in Fortnite would therefore not be surprising given the amount of Star Wars-related cosmetics that have already appeared. However, we will have to wait and arm ourselves with a little tweezers since these are rumors and none of this is official. As a reminder, the latest Fortnite patch has integrated an equally major work of pop culture with Naruto Shippuden : a second crossover is taking place right now and has made Hinata, Gaara, Orochimaru and Itachi available within the battle royale.

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