Free VPN trial: which are the best out there?

So you want to try a free VPN trial before deciding to invest financially in your Internet privacy? That makes sense and could actually be a very smart approach. After all, you don’t want to pay for a VPN and then quickly find out that it can’t do what you specifically had in mind.

The problem is that many of the big ones don’t actually offer a free VPN trial. Big names like NordVPN or ExpressVPN don’t offer any kind of free trial, instead they use 30-day money-back guarantees, where you’re entitled to a full refund if you change your mind within the first month, but that’s not the case. good for those who don’t like the stress of having to make a cancellation.

For that reason, we’ve rounded up all of the best free VPN trials, giving you a chance to dive into the ocean of internet privacy before you decide whether or not you want to dive in completely. We have chosen a selection of five VPN providers that allow you to enjoy a genuine free trial.

The best Free VPN Trials are:

1. PureVPN Free Trial

PureVPN allows you to use its full VPN service completely free of charge for up to seven days, which is a generous period of time. PureVPN is also great, because it does regular third-party audits to confirm that it can generally be trusted not to monitor you, making it one of the most private VPN services around.

During your seven free days, you’ll have access to all of PureVPN’s 6,500+ servers and can even have up to ten simultaneous connections. It’s definitely worth a try if you want to learn more about VPNs.

VPN Free Trial: Surfshark.  The image shows the company logo.

2. Surfshark Free Trial

surfer shark It’s definitely up there with ExpressVPN when it comes to the best VPN services, but unlike many other giants, it actually offers a free trial. If you want to take a test drive with this provider before committing, you’ll actually have a full seven days to do so.

One of the most attractive things about Surfshark as a VPN provider is that it allows you to have an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. With this in mind, Surfshark’s free trial could be a good opportunity for everyone in your household to try. You may decide that it is the best way to protect the Internet privacy of all your partners.

Features of Surfshark
locations 3,200+ servers in 65 countries
Unlocked Services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, YouTube
Free trial duration 7 days
money back guarantee 30 days
Simultaneous connections Unlimited
router support Yes

VPN Free Trial: CyberGhost.  The image shows the company logo.

3. CyberGhost Free Trial

CyberGhost is arguably the best VPN for streaming, and if you’re an avid streamer looking to get your hands on a VPN provider, then you’ll be pleased to learn that it offers a free trial. The only drawback is that it only lasts one day.

Still, if you use your time well, you can certainly experience a lot with VPN during those 24 hours. You can try it out on your favorite streaming platforms, see how easy it is to find a server that works with them, see if they go faster, and ultimately decide whether or not it’s the kind of thing you could imagine paying for.

Cyber ​​Ghost Features
locations 7400+ servers in 91+ countries
Unlocked Services Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, Prime
Free trial duration No card for 1 day
money back guarantee 45 days
Simultaneous connections 7
router support Yes

We hope this is a useful reference for any potential VPN customer. We’ve put together this list by poring over a number of the most respected VPN providers and then selecting the ones that actually do have some kind of free trial, with a couple of totally free plans thrown in for good measure. After all, why go for just a free trial, when a free plan could serve you just fine?
Free VPN Trials: Atlas VPN.  The image shows the company logo.

4. Atlas VPN Free Plan

Our next pick is a bit misleading because instead of being a conventional ‘free trial’ Atlas VPN allows you to test their service with a completely free package. You don’t get access to everything Atlas VPN has to offer, but it does give you a taste. A starter before the main course, so to speak.

The main limitation of this free version is that you can’t use more than 10 GB per month, but for some users who just want extra privacy for certain activities, that 10 GB should be more than enough. It also only gives you access to three of their 750 servers, which is a much smaller range than you’ll get anywhere else, but, hey, since you’re not paying, who can complain? They even allow you to use two simultaneous connections which is great and more importantly they have a no logs policy.

Atlas VPN Features
locations 750 servers in 37 locations
Unlocked Services Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube
Free trial duration Free version available
money back guarantee 30 days
Simultaneous connections Unlimited
router support Nope

Free VPN trial: PrivateVPN.  The image shows the company logo.

5. PrivateVPN Free Plan

We only have one more free VPN plan to mention to you, but this will be the last (after all, we do have our best free VPN guide for free VPNs). We wanted to talk about PrivateVPN because, as with Atlas VPN, their free plan provides a great way for customers to try out the services before upgrading with a paid package.

The free PrivateVPN plan may not allow simultaneous connections like Atlas VPN does, but it does have the benefit of providing 12 free servers in eight countries, which is a pretty generous spread. However, it also limits you to just 10GB of data per month, which may be fine for some, but if you spend a lot of time online, you’ll need to make sure you use it sparingly.

Features of PrivateVPN
locations Hundreds of servers in 59 cities in 46 countries
Unlocked Services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Hulu
Free Trial It offers a free package that can be used indefinitely, but only up to 10 GB per month and with one connection at a time
money back guarantee 30 days
Simultaneous connections 10
router support Nope

For more VPN recommendations, take a look at our guides on the best VPN for gaming and the fastest VPN that can help you find the right option.

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