French Days 2022: bluetooth headphones competing with AirPods at 79€!

News good plan French Days 2022: bluetooth headphones competing with AirPods at 79€!

The French Days are in full swing, and if we tend to talk to you about more expensive products (where reductions allow you to save more, of course), we must not forget small peripherals. We have just spotted a pair of bluetooth earbuds with a rather attractive technical sheet, and a downright affordable price.

French Days 2022: Jabra Elite 3 sports headphones drop to €79

Today, we offer you an exclusive offer at Boulanger, with this pair of Jabra Elite 3 Active Sport earbuds which sees its price drop on the occasion of the French Days. Suffice to say that if you still have an old pair of wired headphones, or want to replace a not-so-fab model bought quickly at the airport, we have what you need.

Cut for athletes (which means better support, and good water resistance) these Jabra Elite 3 Active Sport are usually sold at the price of 119€. But thanks to the promotions of the French Days, the total amount increases to 79€making it an excellent deal.

And to ensure that you have made a good investment, know that this pair of headphones is guaranteed for 2 years by the brand.

Buy the Jabra Elite 3 for €79 at Boulanger

French Days 2022: high-performance headphones at a low price with the Jabra Elite 3 Active Sport

If you’ve ever immersed yourself in the jungle of wireless bluetooth headphones, you know that there are a multitude of them, and that often the features go hand in hand with the price. Here, we therefore suggest that you take advantage of a particularly complete technical sheet at a competitive price thanks to the French Days discount.

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Bluetooth 5.2 compatible, the Jabra Elite 3 Active Sports are also particularly resistant. A rubberized sheath guarantees excellent protection against shocks, but also against water, whether it is rain or perspiration.

Of course, we are entitled to touch controls in order to manage your playlists, the volume, or even pick up or hang up your phone, without having to take out your smartphone. And to ensure quality listening whatever the environment, the Jabra Elite 3 are also equipped with an ANC system.

For novices, ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) is a system that picks up outside noise, and sends diametrically opposed audio frequencies in order to drastically lower the volume of unwanted sounds perceived. If this system works quite badly in windy conditions, it is on the other hand extremely efficient in the face of the noise of a crowd, or in public transport.

Autonomy level, these headphones promise 6 hours of listening, and 24 hours by putting them to recharge in their box. Recharging takes 3 hours, while 10 minutes of charging is enough to enjoy 1 hour of music.

Buy the Jabra Elite 3 for €79 at Boulanger

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