French Days 2022: one of the best gaming headsets of the moment is getting a major promotion!

News good deal French Days 2022: one of the best gaming headsets of the moment is getting a major promotion!

It’s the great return of the French Days! And for this very special promotional period, the association between EPOS and Sennheiser is rolling out the red carpet for great deals with an XXL reduction on the GSP 670 gaming headset. At €179 instead of €319 a few days ago, it’s is the time to acquire this high-end helmet.

French Days: the EPOS GSP 670 cuts its price

The French Days period opens with great discounts, starting with gamer headsets which are a rare commodity on the market. Because yes, wired headphones and headsets are easily out of order and there must be an annual budget to replace the damaged product.

Why not invest in a wireless headset. The latter have a much longer lifespan, whether in bluetooth with a dongle to plug into the PC or the console! The top-of-the-range EPOS headphones Sennheiser, two brands that come together to give birth to the GSP 670.

The latter benefits from an XXL offer, because it was €319 a few days ago, it is now €179 for the French Daysa drastic reduction for a product of such quality!

Buy the GSP 670 at €179 at Darty

A splendid association between EPOS and Sennheiser for this gaming headset

Usually accustomed to professional and wired headphones, EPOS Sennheiser have plunged into the world of wireless with the GSP range. The GSP 670 headset has a speaker system with technology that combines professionalism in the sound sector with the demands of current video games and consoles.

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On the program, warm and deep bass without stifling the mids and highs, broadcast quality noise-canceling microphone and dual Bluetooth 5.0 wireless compatibility and USB dongle connectionmaintaining a stable, uninterrupted connection with almost zero delay.

At the sound input level, let’s talk about the 7.1 Surround sound animated by the Sennheiser Binaural Rendering Engine which can be activated or deactivated via the Sennheiser Gaming Suite PC application (for the PC).

Finally, you should know that the GSP 670 has the particularity of having a separate control of the volume of the sound of the game and that of the chat, as well as an autonomy of 20 hours with Bluetooth, and 16 hours using the weak connection. latency. USB fast charging provides 2 hours of gaming after just 7 mins of charging. And you can of course play with the cable plugged in to be recharged if the battery is low!

Buy the GSP 670 at €179 at Darty

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