French Days 2022: Top start for French Black Friday! Live from the best smartphone, TV, SSD offers…

Live Feed French Days 2022: Top start for French Black Friday! Live from the best smartphone, TV, SSD offers…

Today is the first day of the French Days 2022 fall edition! All major online sales sites like Cdiscount, Fnac or Amazon release a horde of fiery promotions. While inflation is taking its toll, seeing PCs, smartphones or other electric scooters at a reduced price is good.

Faced with the American giants and their ultra-popular promotional events, French traders have decided to fight back. This is how the French Days were born.

Throughout the day, this live will be updated whenever our teams spot an interesting new promo. We are used to this kind of event, we know the price curves of all the most popular tech objects by heart.

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Even before the start of the live, here is our little top 10 of the best prices currently available:

  • The Samsung 4K QD-OLED TV, the 55-inch S95B is at €1149 thanks to a refund offer instead of €2499 when it was released in May 2022
  • The Google Pixel 6 goes to its lowest price on Amazon at 4969 euros instead of 649€!
  • The Crucial P5 Plus 2TB SSD made for PS5 is €229 instead of €299 at Amazon
  • The AMD RX 6800 XT equals the RTX 3080 and ends up at 699 euros!
  • The Legion 5 laptop with an RTX 3060 at €849 instead of €1299 at Cdiscount
  • The Eltharion Desktop PC with an RTX 3080Ti, and a 12th generation Intel Core i5 processor is €2,549 instead of €2,999 at Rue du Commerce
  • The iPhone 13 loses almost €80 on Amazon: it’s rare, even after a Keynote!
  • The Steelseries 7+ gaming headset is €139 instead of €199 at Amazon

  • The Aovo M365 Pro electric scooter is €284 instead of €399
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The best prices on tech for the French Days: participating stores

Of course, Amazon will be there, but for this event, the stars are blue, white and red. Among other things, we will find:

  • Cdiscount : It is the king of online sales in France, which even follows Amazon. Cdiscount is extremely well known for its crazy promotions in the world of gaming PCs and accessories, expect to hear about it!
  • Fnac : Often, buying a product on the Fnac site is economically more advantageous than buying it in store. Especially during the French Days period.
  • Darty : When we talk about Fnac, we always also talk about Darty since the two brands belong to the same group. The products sold on the two sites are systematically offered at the same prices, even during promotional periods. Note all the same that in addition to the “multimedia” sector found at Fnac, the Darty site is quite rich in household appliances.
  • Baker : Boulanger is a jack of all trades who regularly manages to surprise us with his aggressive prices. In terms of the products offered, you can find a lot of different things on Boulanger, but we particularly appreciate the offers from this merchant in the “Sound & Image” sector.
  • Shopping street : Rue du Commerce is a far too neglected player in French e-commerce. For example, we very regularly find on Rue du Commerce 4K TVs sold for several hundred
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The best offers not to be missed at participating merchants

The French Days drastically lower prices on many products. There are countless French merchants participating in the operation.

However, in the context of Tech, we cannot leave things to chance and there are still key players who manage to combine expertise, an exhaustive catalog and competitive prices.

And, it is as a specialized media in the field that we have selected the best offers from merchants participating in this operation.

The best offers of the French Days 2022

Here, we have compiled the best offers that can currently be found for its French Days 2022 fall!

Whether it’s smartphones, connected objects, smart TVs, or anything that revolves around gaming, we find everything in these French Days.

But what is most interesting is being able to save money on these purchases! And in this context of inflation, we can only rejoice to see certain prices drop.

This is why you will find below the best offers of the moment for these French Days 2022 fall. And hurry, these end on September 26th!

In France, there are two official promotion periods: the famous winter and summer sales. Sales have plenty of advantages, but, for online merchants, they also have many disadvantages. We see 3 major ones:

  • 1) Sales last a long month. We almost get tired of it, the event being more extensive, it is generally less strong.
  • 2) Sales are extremely regulated by law. Everything is done to protect the consumer, but these legal obstacles prevent, for example, the promotion of products released very recently. For markets like tech, which are going very fast, it’s a shame.
  • 3) Finally, and this is perhaps the most important point, the sales are located at the two worst times of the year. The winter ones are organized after the holiday season, when people have already stocked up on gifts. Those of summer, in July, are organized during the long holidays, whereas people have the head, the purse, and sometimes the whole body elsewhere.
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Americans don’t care about sales. They organize their own promotional events. With the cultural influence of the United States, it was quite easy for Black Friday or Amazon’s Prime Days to impose themselves here.

Faced with all these concerns, the kings of French online sales have come together. The initiative even received the support of the French government in 2018. Two small local promotion periods are emerging: the French Days of autumn and the French Days of spring.

Open your diaries and take notes: from September 23, 2022, today, to September 26, 2022, these are the French Days of autumn! From 8 am, it’s the party of promotions and other low prices.

What are the French Days?

The French Days are a period during which all French distributors launch numerous promotions on various and varied products. Participating merchants this year will be as usual: Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, Baker or Shopping street and many others !

What are the dates of the French Days 2022?

The sites we have just mentioned can from Friday September 23 until Monday September 26 offer discounts, as indicated on the official website.

What promotions are offered during the French Days 2022?

We will have something for everyone! The nature of the participating merchants tends to make us think that high tech and hardware will be in the spotlight. Thus, we will see gaming PCs at low prices, mice from major brands on sale or even 4K OLED TVs on sale. Among others!

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